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The Twitter Tweekly is back! These are the best of my Twitter tweets for the past week or so — cleaned up for easier blog reading.


Count the number of personal pronouns in your artist statement? Sane? Or a crazy number?
Is your artist statement older than your art? Time to get a new one.
#1 Rule for your artist statement: It should compel people to look at your art. I'd Rather Be in the Studio! p. 51
Twitter Bird
Don't forget to provide a call to action in your emails/newsletters. What is reader to do next?
Artist marketing rule #1: Fonts, colors & logos shouldn't overshadow your art (I'd Rather Be in the Studio! pp 77-79)
Don't give up on your mailing list! Some artists are on my list for 3+ yrs before they ever buy from me.
More fun business card designs (blog)
Make a biz card for each piece of art from @johntunger
Have you added your social media accts to your business cards?
Have a pre-sale of your art. Make a private page on a website or blog for your best peeps
“human actions, generosity and sacrifice are more important than they ever were before” @ThisIsSethsBlog


RT @copyblogger The only way to avoid offending someone is to be obscure.
And that's just a fraction of it. Follow me on Twitter to catch it all.

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Recognition of our accomplishments
is fuel for future goals.


2 thoughts on “@abstanfield Tweekly”

  1. “Don’t give up on your mailing list! Some artists are on my list for 3+ yrs before they ever buy from me.”
    So true…I’ve been on your list for about that long and just last week signed up for your Fernandina Beach workshop. Looking forward to it!

  2. Thank you for your valuable posts and links, it is the kind of information I wish I had access to earlier on in my career. I am sure that I am not the only one who considers your site a ‘must read’. I am new to Twitter, but your link made it easy for me to put you on my follow list – the first person there. Thanks.

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