Twitter Tweekly for May 19 2013

26 reasons why no one likes your art via @MoonApe
Painter travels to the wild for true adventure/subjects. Looks like a great film! via @robertgenn To Get Consumers to Spend More, Try Turning Up the Lights
As often as possible, give. As often as possible, give without wondering “what’s in it for me.” @chrisbrogan
Follow Alyson on TwitterNeil Gaiman addresses art school grads in awesome 2012 speech
Create rather than consume. Brilliant mindset shift fr @chrisguillebeau×5/changing-t…
Art Startup Gertrude Bets on Plugging Collectors Into Pop-Up Salons

The Art Market

5 reasons you shouldn't invest in art via @EconomicTimes (India)
Prospects of art as investment via @nytimesarts
Debating the art market as the best judge of quality via @latimes things to think about
Taos gallerists talk about downturn in biz
Some interesting points about today's super-rich art collectors….
Art being used for money laundering. Fascinating! @nytimesarts
Helly Nahmad Gallery Owner Indicted in Gambling Case – art is becoming a dirty business


Google Launches Dramatic Redesign of Google+, Emphasizing Context and Content Discovery via @Zite
MT @rebeccacoleman: Add the Instagram app to your FB page
Facebook Cheat Sheet: Image Size and Dimensions < awesome resource

Do This

Make a wish! Participate in this artist's installation. Super quick form.
Share pics of art packed, packaged or stored. See what other artists are doing

Artist As Example

I love getting @tina_m newsletters. You should subscribe if you love art or want a better nwsltr
Another awesome newsletter fr @lisacall <good model for #artists

It Really Happened

Artist born w/o arms unable to get permission to enter UK because he could not give fingerprints @BBCBreaking WTH?
RT @chrisguillebeau: Me: “I'd like to give you $500 to make some art.” Local artist: “Sorry, I don't have the right energy level.” <Ruh roh

Quote Me

Marketing isn't expensive these days, but you have to be willing to give your time
Subject lines are for getting ppl to open your email. Are they doing that job?
Remember that your #1 priority as an artist is to make art. Marketing is important, but it can't supersede your studio time.
Consider buying a separate URL for a big #art project. You'd hate for someone else to own the name of your project online.
If someone sees your art in a gallery and tries to buy fr you instead, send them back to the gallery. Every time.
I love seeing a full free day on my calendar. I've scheduled my biz so I can have that. You?

Something To Think About

Creatives must say NO. Awesome article…

For Fun

How to be happier every day via @TheDailyStat
If you really want to be an artist, you search yourself, and you find a lot of it comes from earlier times – Claes Oldenburg via @nytimes
Van Gogh’s True Palette Revealed
12-yo girl wise beyond her years. This short video should inspire everyone
Ordering new outdoor banners fr Love their banners!
@jaybaer FIRST concert? This dates me significantly, but probably The Osmond Brothers!! First car date to concert: Styx (under the heading TMI)
@jaybaer I also saw Andy Gibb and Shaun Cassidy in concert. I was VERY young of course. 😉  (more TMI)

For Impact

Every time you teach people how to look at your art, you empower them.
Post images on YOUR site first, then link/pin/share on social media


Follow @abstanfield on Twitter for the most timely news for your art business.


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1 thought on “Twitter Tweekly for May 19 2013”

  1. Hi Alison,
    This is the first!!!!
    I usually agree with you and many time get some advice and additional hints, but this time, while I agree with the facts because I have been there and have seen what you where referring to, you have said somethings that contradicts previous statements and that are just not realistic.
    Not like you!
    You state in number 5. Members aren’t supporting one another. Right!!!!!
    But then you emphasis, Quote; “If you aren’t healthy physically, emotionally and financially, you wont’t be at your best for helping others”.
    Sorry, my comments are; if the above are all fine, who needs the support of the group. Artists need support of other fellow artists, because most of them have problems in at least one of the above. Beside who is perfect anyway and when? And what about your famous DIY but do not DIA.
    I think that maybe you did not think this one, completely and all the way through!

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