June 2, 2013 | Alyson Stanfield

Twitter Tweekly for June 2 2013

It's my list of carefully curated tweets from the past two weeks. Enjoy!

Be Inspired

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.-Ralph Waldo Emerson #entrepreneurs
Importance of grit, rules & discipline in success ow.ly/lrSyb thx to @natasha I'm loving this
Watching @chasejarvis @chrisguillebeau interview. Good stuff for #entrepreneurs blog.chasejarvis.com/blog/live/
Follow Alyson on TwitterI love @gwenfox ‘s sentiments on her #artist note cards ow.ly/lf9hX
But whatever an artist goes through to make his art is really irrelevant. The main thing is the art.-Nadeem Aslem via @NPR

I'd Like To Know

Do you have or know any #artists who have an app for their art? Please share a link if you know of one.

She'd Like To Know

Artist wld like your input to make a better inventory management system ow.ly/ltmGS @CuriousDziuba

I Really Said It

Truth: Many people don't read. No matter how clear you are.
Have u noticed trend in larger text in newsletters and on websites and blogs?
You will never see me purposely promoting an “art contest” where artists are NOT remunerated. EVER  [corrected tweet]
There's a lot to be said for focusing on your business rather than ignoring the hard stuff.
1 of smartest things I did in the last year is to ask friends/family to use a personal email so that my biz email has its own space

I Have Awesome Clients!

One of my Silver members (@janetvanderhoof) followed press release info in my book and got a feature article 3 hours after sending!
Thrilled that client @KellyMedfordArt has already matched her income from last year. Happy dance!
One of my Bootcampers said module 4 helped her have her best art sales week ever. Love this!

Heads Up

Checking my “Other” messages on FB I found many that needed a response. Have you checked yours lately?

The Art Biz

Best times to post to social media infographic rebeccacoleman.ca/2013/05/16/soc… via @rebeccacoleman
Art Marketing Book How 100 Collectors Can Bulletproof Your Art Career ht.ly/lje37
via @lisacall What it cost me to exhibit at the American Craft Council show in Baltimore: blog.lisacall.com/2013/05/cost/ a LOT!
Consider buying a separate URL for a big #art project. You'd hate for someone else to own the name of your project online.
Photograph your art the right way via @johnrmath ow.ly/lgAue
Unveiling the REAL art business via @natasha ow.ly/lrSeo
Essays on Artists & Writers – looks like a good book ow.ly/lwuD3 via @nytimesarts
“Some artists have beautiful websites. Most do not.” @jvmediadesign ow.ly/lvmzj
6 tips to grow your Twitter following via @jeffbullas ow.ly/lwbSd
Instantly Boost Conversion Rates By Sharing Your Business’ Location zite.to/11an1yj via @Zite

Art That Captured My Attention

I love the idea for this performance piece @DENAirport Sad I haven't seen it yet with all of my flying ow.ly/ltI6C Brilliant!
Zimoun's New Sound Art Installation In An Abandoned Chemical Tank zite.to/12kjR1p beautiful!
Vintage 1953 Volkswagen Beetle Sculpted Into A Perfect Sphere zite.to/12kl2Ow cool!

For Fun

Squeeze the most out of your summer w @originalimpulse creative scavenger hunt capturethewow.net/summer-wow/
Don't You Understand, I'm an Artist! zite.to/13BrlXQ via @hyperallergic


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