June 30, 2013 | Alyson Stanfield

Twitter Tweekly for June 30 2013

The moment you've been waiting for! My top tweets from the last two weeks.
I want to highlight this first one because YOU probably helped me with it. Thank you so much!

Just learned that I am #4 in most money raised for @charitywater from World Domination Summit attendees #WDS2013 Thx, peeps!


I am encouraging use of this hashtag for anyone who shares a great Art Business Idea on social media. Here's the first tweet from me:
Cool! newsstands for #artist stickers and publications – some free ow.ly/mtDtR #artbizidea
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Artist Learning Opportunities

Having just been to Taos, I'd say it's perfect for an artist workshop! Check out these fr @gwenfox gwenfox.com/workshops/
Check out summer interview schedule fr @artadvocate kleinartistworks.com/?page_id=404 Great lineup!
HOOD RIVER, OR sept 4 #pleinair #painting #art 1 day #workshop ow.ly/mohvr via @beckyjoyartist

Art Stuff

Whoa look at this cool way of finding/organizing images on @danielsroka site ow.ly/m7zPI Good job, Dan!
For those concerned about © and sharing online, this is pretty darned funny procartoonists.org/copyright-and-…
art majors are employed at higher rates and more satisfied in life via @JuliaKirt snaap.indiana.edu
Doodle Sculpt is a 3D printer that turns your 2D art into sculpture. What do you think of this? Do you see a use… fb.me/1RHPCm0Wj
“Every work of art falls short of what the artist envisioned” – Eric Fischl in autobio “Bad Boy”
Awesome! @MayNagelKlein posts a sign w/ studio hours as a reminder on her door pic.twitter.com/A3KfVBDlNq
Half-hearted participation in your dreams produces half-hearted results

Biz Stuff

The people who give you their postal and email addresses are your secret marketing weapon.
On #Pinterest red, orange, and brown images are repinned twice as much as blue ones
ow.ly/mp6sI via @MarketingProfs
Is all of your hard work worth it? Are you in 100%? chrisguillebeau.com/3×5/worth-it-a… via @chrisguillebeau
Yelling and trying to play catch up on social media doesn't get you faster results sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/201…
infographic fr @Inc helps you choose your crowdfunding site. Super helpful! inc.com/magazine/20130…
Listening to @gtdguy podcast w/ @cduhigg Great stuff abt habit & productivity ow.ly/mnHdP
The link between being quiet and being productive: trib.al/j96Lkdw
Prices in red affect men, but not women. Interesting via @HarvardBiz ow.ly/mmKoL

Cool Stuff

Feel like you're working at a coffee shop with this ambient noise site coffitivity.com via @Inc Gotta love it!


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  • Hi, Allyson
    I didn’t see if you’d picked this up in a previous post, but this Twitter Tweekly reminded me. I highly recommend Artwork Archive to all artists (artworkarchive.com). It’s a cloud-based inventory system designed for individual artists (as opposed to big software packages designed for galleries and museums). It works perfectly and has saved me and my staff hours of work hunting down pieces, tracking sales, which work is in what show, etc. (I don’t get any benefit from promoting them, I just want other artists to know about it because it’s been such a big help to the administrative side of my practice.)
    Lynn Basa

  • Thanks, Lynn! I’m glad you like them. They are nice guys based here in Denver and seem very responsive to artist-clients.

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