Twitter Tweekly for August 25 2013

A couple of weeks ago I asked if you were reading the Tweekly and I was delighted that many of you found it helpful. So here goes another edition.
A curated list of my top tweets from the past two weeks.

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Helpful Artist Resources

Artists: affected by hurricane Sandy? See #artists #artbiz
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RT @ArtsyShark: Just updated! Artsy Shark's directory of Over 200 Places to Sell Your Art or Craft Online

General Biz

Before you post, remember Don Miguel Ruiz's Agreement #1 in The Four Agreements: Be Impeccable With Your Word….
When you are successful, people will expect more from you. And that's okay. You'll expect more from yourself, too.
Beware of “everyone” and “people” Good advice fr @christinekane…
Successful people start before they feel ready — via @chrisguillebeau
Get more done by doing nothing via @fengshuikatie…
Biz Ladies Profile: Emily Henderson < good biz lessons here
RT @bethjhayden: Great checklist for creating exemplary emails from the smart folks at @emailmonks… <Love this!
Series on how to monetize yr blog fr @rebeccacoleman

The Art World

Dealers worldwide earned about 36 percent of their sales on average through local or international art fairs in 2012…
Cool @LeeShiney featured in “Can you make a living as an artist in Wichita?”… #kansasart
Aug 12 ed of New Yorker has good story on outsider artist Thornton Dial and his “dealer” Raises interesting ?s…
10 of the Cheapest Artworks on Amazon Art… via @hyperallergic
Christie's CEO weighs in on Amazon getting into art biz via @CNNMoney #art #artbiz
Richard Artschwager’s “blps” Conquer the West, Pop Up in Los Angeles and Las Vegas <love this!
Homeless man finds success in selling art…
The tension b/t art star and apprentice – re Jasper Johns…

For Fun

30 most expensive paintings of all time…
Art project asks passers-by to imitate “The Scream”…
“I don’t know if anyone feels comfortable in the art world…. I don’t know if that’s possible.”…


Super happy to have @Fasobuzz @ArtistTaraReed @ArtbizKimBruce @ProArtistMag as sponsors of my workshop Thank you!


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