Twitter Tweekly for November 3 2013

Here you go! My top tweets from the last two weeks.

Art Business and Marketing

RT @PublicityHound: 250 free holiday stock photos from @HubSpot. <Nice!
Check out @originalimpulse Adventure Resume. She gives instructions for writing your own
5 characteristics of successful innovators via @HarvardBiz…
Geeking out on @CharlieGilkey planners!… Just bought premium packet
Follow Alyson on TwitterOops. Email fr artists with no site link. And I really wanted to see more!
From student: “Bootcamp for me is stop playing around and grow up time” Love it!
How to deal with copycats via @Leonie_Dawson…
Cool! @BradBlackman shares a serious artist-statement generator for a starting point
Nice article on framing/costs fr @JasonHorejs…

Art & Artists

Artist trains homing pigeons to bring cigars back fr Canada… @nytimesarts <forget the drones!
RT @artnet: Ooops.. Officials sacked over spectacularly bad repainting of Qing dynasty art <Yipes that's bad!
There is always time for things you have a passion for. You make time. –…
For lovers of action: art & destruction at the Hirshhorn… #art
Fascinating look at the crazy Chinese art market via @nytimesarts… & u thought copycats were bad here

Inspiration & Motivation

The biggest mistake you can make is listening to people who've given up on their dreams telling you to give up on yours. via @umairh
Persistence wins the day… via @copyblogger
A setback is not permission to abandon your plan. (via @chrisbrogan)
“Life is short, art is long” – Hippocrates via @robertgenn #art

For Fun

The secret is out. My kale smoothie recipe…
RT @Tate: How Bauhaus are you? #Klee <Super fun!

Listen Up

I'm coming to #Vermont Feb 15-16 for a workshop!


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1 thought on “Twitter Tweekly for November 3 2013”

  1. The artist statement generator is a good jumping off point and good for a laugh at some of the preposterous wordings of “artspeak”. I did find a quite a few phrases that had relevance for me though.
    I love these Twitter Tweekly posts!

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