Twitter Tweekly for November 17 2013

Just in case you missed them . . .

50 tips for free publicity via @PublicityHound…
New pics of Art Biz Makeover day 2 at…
Artist shares how she turned real-estate article into a mention of her art…
Are you letting other people control your agenda? via @originalimpulse…
Follow Alyson on Twitter4 Fun Ways to Improve Your Facebook Engagement via @Zite
Don’t forget to visit @HarrieteE ‘s Professional Guidelines for help with your agreements… #artists #artbiz
7 ways to add value to your handmade work via @ArtsyShark…
2012 online art sales $870 million WSJ <And I’m sure they’re just counting a segment of the market
K-State women’s basketball has “Bacon Night” Brilliant marketing!…
Take your camera on this photography tour of Italy next spring with @NatCoalson

Yet Another Reason to Visit Denver

Woo hoo! Denver airport recognized as best airport for art…

Tweets from Branded The Event

Brands exist in the mind – Re Perez #brandedtheevent
Branding is how u r perceived over time. Dif than advertising. – Re Perez #brandedtheevent
You are in the lead-capturing business #brandedtheevent
What to do with the crayons on the table at #brandedtheevent
Branding=clarity and confidence in who you are at what you do #brandedtheevent
“Don’t run your business wanting to be liked” Re Perez #brandedtheevent


“Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting. So, get on your way.” – Dr. Seuss via @beckyjoyartist
“Sometimes, perfection is the enemy of accomplishment” via @HarvardBiz…
If you compare yourself to others, make sure it’s a fair comparison. But best not to do it at all.
I challenged Art Biz Makeover participants to make an extra $2k by year’s end. So many of them already have. It’s all about intention.

For Fun

RT @DenverPostPicks: Ground broken on the #Art hotel project in Denver <Cool!
Star Wars Imperial Forces invade Thomas Kinkade paintings…


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6 thoughts on “Twitter Tweekly for November 17 2013”

    1. “Sometimes, perfection is the enemy of accomplishment” via @HarvardBiz…
      This one is very fitting as I prepare to begin marketing my work. I know this to be true when it comes to the paintings themselves, but have discovered that perfection can also rear its ugly little head when it comes to preparing to share your work with the world.

  1. Hi Alyson! I just wanted to say that I am so incredibly grateful for all that you share with us 🙂 I have bought your ebook “I´d rahther be in the studio” and it is now my number one bible 🙂
    I had never got started with the development of my creative business unless I was so inspired and enlightened by you, even if you are very far away from where I am. So once again big thank you!
    Keep up the good work!
    Sincerely/Malin from Sweden
    (and sorry for my perhaps strange “Google translator English”;-)

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