Twitter Tweekly for February 9 2014

This Tweekly seems particularly juicy – my best tweets from the past two weeks.
Take Two – Preparing for Baltimore < big show insight fr @lisacall
A little gem about shipping/insuring #art internationally in this…
Fun! @amanthat studio makeover… also very impressive
Follow Alyson on TwitterShore up your boundaries for creatives… via @originalimpulse
online sales for the high$ art world make up just 1.6% of all sales… via @ArtTactic
9 Amazing Artists to Follow on Twitter
You are not your art…
RT @ArtsyShark: Why Bitcoin Is Good for the Art World via @barneydavey
Fantastic marketing board for artists by @craftedweb… My name is on there but she's doing all the work!
Why you're not selling any art via @bmoreart1…
10 Creative Rituals You Should Steal via @99u
20 Things That Mentally Strong People Don’t Do… via @EliteDaily
Report on Fair Use in the visual arts fr @collegeart…
A plea for all makers and instructors about © and copying/inspiration via @HarrieteE…
Surround yourself with smart people says @chrisbrogan… I agree!
You Only Need Three Words to manage your time better
Forget Productivity Apps: What Time Do You Wake Up?
When in doubt, make a list via @ThisIsSethsBlog
You can’t control everything, but you can control how you react and the action you take.
Pros and cons of press releases vs. pitches… Super post fr @PublicityHound
43 Powerful and Easy to Use WordPress Plugins You Should Consider Trying
Increase your opt-in… via @patrick_conley
3 Ways to Use Google+ to Increase Search Rankings

2 Things I Tweeted That Need Your Feedback

I'd love your help with these.
We seriously need a willing soul to do an update post re artist inventory/contacts software. Anyone?
Best #art inventory program for prints and editions?#artists


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