Twitter Tweekly for March 9, 2014

My top tweets from the past couple of weeks @abstanfield.
You might benefit fr this intvw I did with @nordicArtists…
Art is the worst performing collectible<I'm just the messenger
Who wants to go to Bentonville AR in September? I do!
Follow Alyson on TwitterWalnut – app for turning pics of your art into “in situ” photos #artists #artmarketing
Advice from Artists on Overcoming Creative Block, Handling Criticism & Nurturing via @brainpicker
Loving this Pinterest board of @JaniceMcDonald commissioned work…
Why Creative Geniuses Often Keep a Messy Desk
Loving Michael Grab's balanced rock sculptures. Notice his great photography and video,
Does art rise to the top because it's good or because it's popular? A case for the… via @MorningEdition
RT @Starrybluesky: Interesting article about copying /being “inspired” by –
Want to gather your thoughts about your journey to Paris? @originalimpulse is leading online class to help…
“Many a creative breakthrough starts as a creative break-in.” – @markmcguinness
MT @chrisguillebeau: blogs that had so much potential but then fizzled >It isn't the best who win; it's the ones who stick with it.
When You Feel Down or Stuck: How to Effectively Be What You're Not
Beginner Week: My 43 DOs and 25 DON’Ts of Blogging : @problogger
The Naptime Entrepreneur: Pursuing Your Business in ‘Off Hours' <excellent advice
6 Totally Strange But Effective Productivity Hacks
Have you seen all the new domain extensions being released this year?
Mother and daughter recreate classic works of art. Fun!


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