Twitter Tweekly for March 23, 2014

A feature of my top tweets from the past couple of weeks. This week, my favorites are marked with a *.

-> through March 23 It's BRAG WEEKEND on my FB page. See… and share your accomplishments

Art Stuff

Report: Super-rich, favoring just a few artists, drive art market… <worth a read
Follow Alyson on TwitterShare your muse photos w/ @ProArtistMag for possible feature
Art is … where we develop the skill most required to innovate—the ability to harness our own agency.
*MT @brendagaelsmith 7 easy ways to resize images…<Nice!
Looking for inventory database that keeps good track of multiples and editions. Recommendations?#photographers ??
*Designing for The Grand Budapest Hotel < Fascinating!
19 Chinese artists on Malaysian plane that disappeared. So sad.
Rising Rents Leave New York Artists Out in the Cold –

Social Media

How to Target Your Email Subscribers with Facebook Ads
*Three ways to improve your Pins #pinterest
Why Are You Still Skeptical Pinterest Can Work For You?


8 Critical Words to Say to Get People to Share (It’s Science!)
8 Reasons Why Your Email Open Rate is Nosediving
20 Self-Confidence Traps Holding Smart People Back
How to Better Control Your Time by Designing Your Ideal Week | Michael Hyatt
*Stop trying to please everyone
*How to Encourage Fans to Create and Share Visual Content
*You Don’t Need Another New Idea
*Our choices tip other choices closer or further away from us- @chrisbrogan
Seinfeld episode becomes reality. #tedtalk about why we should all wear nametags @nametagscott


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is fuel for future goals.


2 thoughts on “Twitter Tweekly for March 23, 2014”

  1. eArtist database seems to do a good job of photographic editions/multiples, as well as general inventory/tracking. It’s based on File Maker and they have a free trial.

    1. Thanks, Jackie. We thought eArtist was going to be good, but it doesn’t appear to handle “open editions” sufficiently. Now, I’m not a user. Just going on what someone else has said.

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