Twitter Tweekly for June 13, 2014

It's a very lucky Friday the 13th, indeed, for you. It's time for my top tweets (according only to me) from the past two weeks!

Art & Marketing

Strict anti-spam law goes into effect in Canada on July 1. Are you compliant?
See @lisacall ‘s weekly schedule. Marvel at the detail!…
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RT @kiffaniestahle: Stellar advice by @mariabrophy on how to deal with a client who doesn't want to sign contract.
Google Is Documenting Street Art Around the World
I'm asking for “how you got started as an artist” stories on my FB page. Please tell us your story…

Being Organized

If you schedule a lot of appointments with students or clients, I recommend @timetrade It's a life saver for us!
How to Organize Your Digital Photos with Photo by Emilie
Organize and manage your art with Artwork Archive: via @33contemporary@ArtworkArchive
I'm still looking for the ultimate solution for organizing digital photos (for my artist-readers). Please tell us how you do it at 

Keys to Success

RT @chrisbrogan: We all have the same amount of time. Some people just have more drive. <Yes!
[ted id=1733]
The key to success is grit…

Social Media

64 Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your Blog
Everything You Need to Know About Facebook's New Page Design: <It's already here!
10 Tips to Skyrocket Your Pinterest Sales:
Tips for Writing an About Page When You Hate Writing About Yourself via @BeyondBylines @PublicityHound

Because They're Really Funny

RT @mfaboston: @TheOnion finally calls us out. We would like to formally apologize for not having a Mona Lisa.<Ha!
RT @badbanana: “Youth is wasted on the Younger.” – Pieter Brueghel the Elder <#artjokes


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