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When capturing something on video, what's the verb? “Videotaping” sounds out of date. “Filming” seems better, but there's no film involved

RT @artnetdotcom: Joan Allen as Georgia O’Keeffe in Lifetime biopic (with Jeremy Irons as Alfred Stieglitz!)

Twitter Bird
RT @ArtistTaraReed @christianfea: “The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.”

Artists in WI and IL: March 9-10, 2010 workshop in Racine, WI now open to everyone. It's a BARGAIN!

Anyone have a great photo of themselves talking to art buyers/collectors or leading a tour?

When to break ties with a gallery from @Loriwords

Just got the itch to move bookshelves for better feng shui. Made a mess, but it feels better already! Thanks @fenghuikatie !

Contemplating this ? from client: A Budget Art page on your website? Depends on your goals. What's a better name for it, though?

Artists: Online learning to grow your art biz. Just posted calendar of fall classes

Art & Copy: New film re advertising now playing in Denver, Helena, and Chicago. Looks great!

Don't try to conduct a business call while you're walking, shopping, driving. It makes the other person feel unimportant and nervous.

Cool! Just got notice that Art Biz Blog is listed on alltop's s Small Biz News!

When is the last time you Googled your name to make sure your sites come up at the top?

New Professional Guidelines on digital images (of your art) from Harriete Estel Berman (look under Fundamentals)

Brave artist alert! You must read how @LizCrain finished destroying art of @lifeneedsart Brilliant! http://tinyurl.com/notvyv #dekooning

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  1. I think a better (or perhaps just different) name for the Budget Art page would be Fine Art for the Frugal. Is that a put-down or a warning. May be best to neglect my suggestion.

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