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Every day I send out brilliant tweets in the Twitterverse. But I keep those a secret. I'll share the less-than-brilliant ones from the past week in this post. But look closely. I could use your help with some of my questions.

Artists: How much to charge for a local band's album cover–when you'd almost do it for free for the publicity?

RT @tonyrobbins: “The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.” Gloria Steinem

Twitter Bird

I'm on a roll! Just signed up for Dimdim to host online meetings/webinars. Who knows where this will lead. Thoughts?

Anyone record Skype conversations on a Mac? Seems like lots of options.

If you don't have a copy of my book, ask your library to carry it!

Card: “I meditate, I do yoga, I chant…and I still want to smack someone!”-From husband! Found it on this poster

Check out the Creative Person's Hierarchy of Needs–great post from @JourneyJuju

Anyone have a planner for artists that they love? Daily/weekly/monthly with artist reminders and affirmations, etc.?

This is a cool tool to remove line breaks in email when you copy and paste them

RT @inquisitrix (Lawrence, KS) @LawrenceArtsCtr LAC Exec Director job opening at http://lawrenceartscenter.org

“The greatest motivational act one person can do for another is to listen.”-Roy E. Moody

My sis-in-law's huge success selling her paintings featured in short Daily OK newspaper article

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  2. re: band album cover pricing…Take your costs say $4, multiply by 2, add 1, this is your low number ($9)…Then for your high number, take half your costs $2 dollars this time, multiply by 3, add a 0 (total $60)…Now you can say, it will cost somewhere between 9 dollars & 60 dollars, how much do you want to pay? (Then they will say 50 bucks or something) & you then know how hard you are going to work on it…(adjust costs to Real costs this is just a hypothetical…)

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