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TWEET BETTER so that your tweets are RTed: case study http://bit.ly/5J4KP

Just because an artwork won't fit in your car is not a good enough reason to NOT make bigger art — with thanks to @EllenSoffer

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http://twitpic.com/fgab7 – Me in front of #dekooning “Woman IV” at the Nelson-Atkins MoA last week

RT @ChefLilly Have any Art especially shoe-themed you would like to donate to the #DenverTwestival? Raising $ for @shoesforconnor on 9/12

RT @cornerstoneva: Here is a great resource for learning more about WordPress: http://thewordpresswizard.com

Ken Morrill is giving away 25 FREE designs for blog headers. All you have to do is ask!

Greg Mortenson is tweeting! If you loved 3 Cups of Tea and believe in educating Muslim girls . . . http://twitter.com/gregmortenson

NY Times recipe for lavender mojitos!

Any in Philly who want to do a FREE art-marketing salon w/ tools at http://artbizconnection.com ? Contact @RobinZebley

Fall is a great time to start a free art-marketing salon with artist friends & free tools at http://artbizconnection.com Pass it on!

Twitter book club for artists starts 9/14 w/ bio of Gertrude Stein #gertrude Sign up!

Check out this darling “animated” video about porcelain bowls from @maryannedavis

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  1. re:@EllenSoffer: Ok, I made some works that were too big for my car…I had to carry them one by one to the gallery on foot…Once they were there, I didn’t want to take them home, so I did a deal price to a collector just so I didn’t have to walk them back & store them again…I have been working only car size since then…Are you & the gods of art advice telling me I must paint big again? Please confirm…

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