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The Tweekly has been on a hiatus for three weeks as I tried to think of what I wanted to do with it. What I know is that I need to publish this in some way. Many of my tweets link to fantastic articles and resources. I like the Tweekly as a record for selfish reasons (so I don’t lose this information). Though I’m still not sure where to take this, I’ll keep it up for the near future. So . . .
If you haven’t been watching your Twitter stream 24/7 (and, let’s face it, WHY would you do that?), here’s what you might have missed.
New TSA guidelines a nightmare for any art shipped on commercial airlines. NYT
@lisacall Pitch your article idea to some art history grad students. They're all looking to get published!
Love this advice from @christinekane “Stop posting to Facebook or Twitter about how miserable you are.”
Twitter Bird
@MaryRichmond I'm encouraging everyone to get off TypePad since they started hiding your photos from you.
Post a sample newsletter on your site. People don't sign up for something unless they know what it is.
No ideas for your writing? @OriginalImpulse has a FREE e-course to help you with ideas for your writing
Airlines should charge for people to carry on luggage rather than check it. It's the carry-ons that are the trouble makers. Who is with me?
RT @PublicityGuru: 7 fixes for terrible subject lines <<Super advice!
@joanie_s_c For art appraisers, call your local art museum's curatorial dept. They should keep a list handy.
Client got payment from gallery dealer after months of no response. She had to contact the Better Business Bureau–It worked!
Anyone analyzed email distribution services that wants to do a guest blog post for me? Vertical Response, Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc?
Joanne Mattera answers the question: Do you really need an art gallery?
Just got a note from old friend who said one of his old friends bought one of his paintings he saw on Facebook.
Am loving the book The Happiness Project by @gretchenrubin

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1 thought on “@abstanfield Twitter Tweekly”

  1. Morning – You know, this is a curious one “Client got payment from gallery dealer after months of no response. She had to contact the Better Business Bureau–It worked!” Some time back, in order to have a gallery return my work I had to threaten them. It was a crummy experience. Sure makes your contract policies tighter.

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