Tweets of the Week: Email software, Olivia Newton-John fans, and Easter-egg dyeing

You can’t possibly catch all of my brilliant (!) 140-character thoughts, so let me recap them for you. Because this is my first time doing a Twitter recap, I’m going to dig back a little further in my Twitter archives to get you caught up on some of the juiciest recent stuff.

Advice for email campaign software that is pay-as-you go (not a monthly fee)
@danielsroka and @johntunger: Campaign Monitor. It's free to set up and maintain a list, you only pay $5+0.01/contact when you mail.

@wellerwishes and @amiemccarron and @inkblotsart use Mail Chimp

@jeanevogel and @blueroofsdesigns like Vertical Response

Advanced Twitter search
When I was searching for the above tweets . . . @miscellaneaarts tweeted: allows you to limit a search by date range

This and that

To @DenverGlamour @BrianKliewer (closet ONJ fans) Had the early stuff on 8-track! “Clearly Love” and
“Let Me Be There.” Great stuff!

Funny: Man in Milwaukee photographed me wearing the exact necklace he had shot after artist sent it to him to photograph 3yrs ago! Sm world! [See photo here. It’s me with Barb Chappell of the Wisconsin Designer Crafts Council. The photographer was Larry Sanders. The necklace is by Pam Caidin.]

Add a photo of your art to your checks!

Dyeing Easter eggs? Go natural! Check out these beauties from @NikkiDWright – Thx to RT from @lauraloveslux [You really need to see these eggs!]

Really like the “New Age Ambient” genre station at Great to work to.

Scoop on Estes Park accommodations. $74 room sleeps 3-4 people. $99 2 BR cabin sleeps up to 5. What a bargain!

Final thought/query
Is it uncool to post these without linking to the Twitter pages of the sources? I thought it might be overkill and Google might punish me for linking madness.

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1 thought on “Tweets of the Week: Email software, Olivia Newton-John fans, and Easter-egg dyeing”

  1. I don’t feel that the lack of links to the Twitter pages is an issue. Folks can seek us out if they find the provided content in our links interesting enough.

    I am personally grateful anytime someone mentions one of my posts and provides a link back to my blog. I am never picky about excessive linking protocol.

    I would personally like to say thanks for using Twitter to draw attention to the work of other people. That one little Twitter post sent enough traffic to my blog to encourage me to check out Twitter for the first time. It has so far been a great way to increase my readership and find new sites I am interested in.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog and following from now on.

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