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Confounded by Twitter and what all the fuss is about? Quinn McDonald (@QuinnCreative) has written a couple of nifty posts about how it all works.

The first is kind of an overview called Twitter: The Good, the Bad, and the OMG!

Quinn identifies the bad thing about Twitter as this: “Twitter is the e-version of the cool kids’ cafeteria table when you were in the seventh grade. You will never be cool enough, but you can carve out a niche.”

Quinn’s second post is Navigating Twitter, in which she gives you suggested resources and people to follow.

And be sure to check out my previous plug for using Tweet Deck.

Need more? Come to Estes Park, Colorado!

Incentive #4 for coming to Estes Park in May: Social Media Know-How
We’ll not only be talking about how to use social media, but you will

  • Be around other artists who are using Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn AND benefiting from these absolutely free platforms.
  • Make social media part of your online marketing plan–a document everyone will leave the conference with.

May 2-3, 2009
Early registration ends April 1
Save by registering now (Sorry, it's all by real mail–you have to use a stamp and everything–not my doing!)
Read more about my Estes Park workshop (link no longer available)

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