Twitter Tweekly for December 15 2013

Time for tweets you might have missed from the past two weeks. Some valuable, some reminders, and a few cheeky ones.
Marketing is about finding ways to create meaning and making people feel something – @bernadettejiwa
What successful people DON’T do in the morning… Brilliant! via @bernadettejiwa
When you want to clean out the clutter…via @LizCrain
Do you have a book in you? Follow @mybookshepherd She’ll get it out of you#authors #writers
The font discussion re Comic Sans and Papyrus on my FB page…
Better to deal with it now than to worry about it any longer
Don’t try to fix what isn’t broken. New tools aren’t necessarily better. [ Tweet This ]

Art Stuff

Identical “paintings” – 1 just 8 inches lower. #weird #art (from the eye surgery office)
Follow Alyson on Twitter“Sound paintings” in response to artwork. Fun to follow this blog
It’s finally here! Our highly anticipated list of the top 300 most popular artists around the world.
Rockwell work sets auction record for American painting
The 13 Best Art and Design Books of 2013
Pricing per square inch? Add the frame cost after the base price is figured in #artists #artbiz
Inspired by this artist’s indie project re his experience as war photog… Pls hlp fund if it speaks
If you want people to know it’s for sale, add the price #artists #artbiz
Help your galleries succeed. Send them traffic!
Like Some Fries With That Art? @HuffPostArts #art #artbiz
Evidence that art makes you smart(er)… @nytimes
How to analyze data for your art biz… < good stuff!#artbiz
Are you in the same shows repeatedly? Time to branch out! #artists

Asking For Your Input on My Facebook Page

It’s Brag Saturday on my FB page. Please share your accomplishments here:…
I’m asking about advertising on Facebook here… Chime in!
Share your #art with snow or snow motifs on this FB post…
Pay a compliment to someone you appreciate or are proud of on this FB post…
Leave your productivity tips on this FB post… in response to @FastCompany

Posts Here You Might Have Missed

4 steps to make your art business official… #artbiz #artists
Gift ideas for your patrons
How do you stay motivated during the holidays? Share…
When you don’t feel like marketing, you do it anyway…#artmarketing #artists
How do you deal with requests fr artists to trade work? Chime in
How to use mind maps in your art biz #artists #artbiz


And the Pantone color of 2014 is…Radiant Orchid!… <Thrilled with this choice
Norway decorates Christmas Tree in DC with The Scream…Fun!


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