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How to make your images stand out in a Facebook feed. Brilliant! (ProBlogger)
30% off sale @modernpostcard enter code: OBE30DEC
Twitter BirdFr my FB wall: “an artist is a shaman in the studio and a salesaman the minute he leaves it” — Lance Green (Lance later told me that this was something Fritz Scholder said to him)
Need a plan for online promotions? @chrisbrogan shares his secrets. Cool stuff
Compare photography styles for 3D work Vivid differences via @HarrieteE
Check out EVENTS/Invitations in right column on FB. Critical to get your event titles, first lines to be brilliant!
Legal Lowdown: Artists Need to Be Aware of These Four Issues (Art Business News)
I repeat: If your studio space looks like a prison from the outside, don't use it as a main graphic.
I like the way this artist has her Christmas cards in blog sidebar.

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2 thoughts on “Twitter Tweekly from @abstanfield”

  1. Being a salesman all the time makes me want to retreat into my studio… I wish artists were assigned buddies who would be responsible for promotion of each other’s work. I love selling other people’s stuff… as evidenced in my @esthlete account. That’s the hope with the virtual world promotion I guess. Cool. Thanks for the post!

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