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Tina Mammoser, The Cycling Artist, wrote a post about using Twitter as an artist.

I'm still figuring Twitter out and am deeply intrigued that so many business folks are using it. If you tweet, have you found direct benefits for your art career?

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5 thoughts on “Twittering artists”

  1. Marilyn Sholin

    I will try to keep this short but this is how Twitter has been working for me. One girl who actually moved away from this area started “following” me and ended up emailing me ALL HER CONTACTS for art galleries here in Asheville and the surrounding area and her comments and tips and her opinions on the owners and who to trust and not trust. Where the best ones are and what they are looking for. She has moved overseas and was looking to stay in touch with the local scene here. She has given me a huge overload of information that will help me to get my work out there much faster. Twitter has connected me with people that are impossible to find and connect with. Just today someone (that I can’t mention) contacted me about doing PR for one of my events. They work for the software company whose software I teach but I am not able to direct contact these people. She found me instead via Twitter. If you are ONLY going to explore two new things….use FACEBOOK and Twitter….and as for it being FUN, it’s not about FUN, Facebook invites to their extra applications are ignored by me. I delete them. For me this is part of my job connecting with people and networking…not sending a picture of a “husky dog” to 400 people. I limit my usage of those extra applications and instead use Facebook to meet new galleries and people. More Facebook success….I was contacted from a Facebook member of Vancouver, BC to do a workshop at her studio…we booked it, we talked about on the Canadian sites…it’s in October and we already are half booked through connections she and I both have. Its about working smart…no cost..focused, targeted to the market. We moved to Asheville in December,through Twitter, I have met more Asheville people that have given me information and places to go and people to meet than I have the time to do. Again, Focused on the area. Oh yes…do you all know what SEESMIC is? Another one to watch…get your personal videos out in 30 seconds to your targeted email list or friends or contacts. I’m making money doing this and it cost me ZERO…ZERO dollar marketing has always been my strength and driven my business. If you wanna place you can find me on Twitter: msholin On facebook: marilyn sholin Make yourself EASY to find. Don’t use nicknames or cute names. that’s it… Marilyn

  2. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Marilyn: Thanks so much for your insight. It’s very helpful to hear about how these have worked for you.

  3. I gain a sense of accountability, by telling folks i’m in the studio. I gain exposure, and show people the kind of person/artist i am by sharing thoughts, and what i’m doing I gain insight, by asking questions. I gain friends and support, in turn i gain by supporting other artist. When taking a break from a piece of work, twittering is like sharing a watercooler with other artist and creatives. Of all social media i’ve tried..twitter is the only one to give me a real sense of connection, and mostly with perfect strangers.

  4. I tweet in batch mode I think. Which is to say, when I think of it. I’m still working out how I can manage everything all by myself given the parameters and constraints of my life and careers. 😀

    Seriously, like anything else, tweeting requires a certain amount of time and dedication. And I suppose some tools. Everyone seems to love TweetDeck, for example, but the fact that I need to download some extra software and that it may not be compatible with my Opera browser has put me off. Is that making me fall behind the rest of the tweeting artists?

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