United States Artists Giving Out $50K Grants

A new charity, United States Artists, is giving out $50,000 individual grants to 50 artists beginning December 4, according to The New York Times.

The artists were nominated by anonymous arts leaders around the country and, apparently, are not household names.

This should be interesting to watch!

(Thanks, Joanie, for the heads up.)

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2 thoughts on “United States Artists Giving Out $50K Grants”

  1. The concept and creation of this grant program is fantastic and way overdue, but how does an artist persistantly working their butt off out in the sticks have a chance of getting nominated by these “anonymous arts leaders”?

  2. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Good point, Sharon! I think the secret is to get your work out as much as possible and work that mailing list. Meet the people who are the decision makers in your art community. I also think none of this should be done with the idea that you might get a $50K grant. $50K just doesn’t go that far anymore. You’re doing it to further your career on all fronts. If the extra money comes in handy, all the better.

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