Recycling an Old Blog Post

Wednesday's post Make Room for Success was originally published in my newsletter on December 6, 2004!

Why Update and Republish?

You might update an old post because:

  1. The topic is still relevant.
  2. People are finding your old post in searches and you realize you need to give them fresher information.

How to Update an Old Post

  • Verify that this is a subject that is topical.
  • Change any dates and any mentions to the season.
  • Look at the resources you provided in your post. Are they still offered and are the links working? Chances are that new and better resources have appeared on the scene since you first covered the topic. It's also likely that your original resources are no longer available.
  • Add any new thoughts on the subject. Surely you've learned something since you first wrote about it! There were 7 years in between my two posts. I would hope that I've uncovered some new ideas between now and then.
  • Consider what has changed in the world since your original post. How has social media affected your subject? Is there any new technology that might be worth a mention?
  • Get rid of extra words. To describe an action, cut the numerous words you're using in half. It never fails that fewer words = a more powerful text.

Some subjects are always winners – they just need a little tweaking for today.

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