USA Today recommends finding art on blogs

TracywallIn an article last weekend, USA Today recommends scouring art blogs for your next affordable, original art purchase.

Thanks, Tracy Wall, for the heads up!

Image (c) Tracy Wall, Return from a Hike.

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4 thoughts on “USA Today recommends finding art on blogs”

  1. If you’d asked me even six months ago whether or not I’d buy or sell a painting online I’d have said “No way.” Now I’m not so sure… I was in the Barnes and Noble in Boulder last night and stumbled on a print magazine dedicated entirely to art blogs. It featured images from selected blogs alongside written excerpts and interviews with the bloggers. Beautifully photographed and desigend. It elevated art blogging to an art form in and of itself. Unexpected and inspiring.

  2. This topic has been a real trend lately. Even the Wall Street Journal and New York Times have touched upon it according to other blogs I’ve been looking at. Our local paper just did a small piece and I imagine the word is out there in other places, too. I’m not sure if this is good or bad, though, since all articles stress it is easy to buy a piece really cheaply through an artist’s blog….then again, there’s no 50% to a gallery so maybe it all evens out. Interesting thoughts to ponder, though….

  3. As manager of the Daily Painters Gallery (, the topic of art blogs, daily painting, and related media coverage is always on my mind Part of the appeal of daily painting and art blogs is in the low prices, but it’s frustrating that this is all that some of the media focuses on. The reason for the low prices on many art bloggers’ works is that they are relatively small pieces created as part of a daily painting routine, and they are sold directly by the artist, unframed, with no gallery commission. But, they’re also beautiful works and a great way to discover new artists. Many of our member artists also sell larger paintings through traditional galleries and art shows. The blogs are a means to attract an online audience that may be completely independent of our gallery collectors, or they may eventually become collectors of our larger works as well. So, we hope that potential visitors will see art blogs as ‘a fun way to discover affordable quality artwork’ and not just another place to find ‘cheap art’

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