Visiting David Castle’s studio


I was gone last May when David Castle inaugurated his new studio in Denver's Santa Fe Arts District, so it was fun to spend some time with him yesterday and catch up.

David, who was awarded Best of Show in the Downtown Denver Art Festival, has been through a lot of studio woes and finally has a space that works for him. I hope to have him on a teleseminar soon so he can share with you some of his insights about finding studio space. (You listening, David?)

I was amazed when David gifted me this as yet untitled painting that I was admiring. Here's one of David's posts that tells about this series.


(c) David Castle, Shared 8, 2008. Watercolor. Collection of Alyson B. Stanfield and Robert J. Harrington.

Thanks, David!

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2 thoughts on “Visiting David Castle’s studio”

  1. Always great to have you visit, Alyson! And yes, I’m listening and would love to share my studio journey more… it has been quite the meandering road at times. Also – an update on the title of the painting… Alyson immediately picked up on the shape of the number 8. And we discovered that we both share it as our favorite number! So, it’s now titled “Shared 8”. You are very welcome, Alyson!

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