Why not?

That's all . . .
Why not?
Deep Thought Thursday

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17 thoughts on “Why not?”

  1. “Because you are lazy and it wont matter anyway…”
    That thought often passes through my grey-matter as a way of finding motivation. I come up with better work when I’m pissed off and motivated to prove that my work matters. If nothing else than to prove to myself that I am wrong. Its what will get me off my butt and into the studio or out in the world.

  2. My mum got me a t-shirt when I was about 4 years old that had the women’s symbology (the circle with the ankh underneath) & the words “Why Not?” underneath in big…I wore it alot…It was a feminist t-shirt…Why Not? was the catchphrase at that time…(The men’s btw was the male symbology, circle with arrow pointing to the upper right, with the words “Why?”)…I’m betting Alyson knows this, but I thought I’d tell for those who don’t…
    http://flic.kr/p/buyY3K (here’s what it looked like)…

  3. Why not follow your heart and your dreams? There is no good argument. Nothing. The cost is expensive, and the journey hard, but the reward is that much sweeter.

  4. Why not?
    It’s far better to look back at the things you have tried and have done than to look back with regret at all the things you might have done and wanted to do but were too afraid to try and instead settled for excuses not to. Why not indeed!

  5. lol! Kind of my answer to everything!
    Why are you doing another degree? Why not???
    Why painting something that big with no where to show it? Why not???
    Why have lightsabers in the studio? Why not???

  6. I tried something new… I figured…. Why not? 🙂
    After drawing for most of my 35 years, I dug a little into some color theory and learned all about using contrasting colors to block in your piece in order to create a rich undertone. How have I not known about this before? What took me so long… I put pastel to paper and figured… let’s give it a go!

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