Why I Teach Artists How to Get Organized

Piles of PaperWhat is someone who wrote a book on self-promotion doing teaching an organizing class for artists?
I teach Organize Your Art Business – all online – for two reasons.

1. You Need It

Well, maybe not You, but artists in general need to have access to this information.
When you are disorganized, your business suffers.
When you are disorganized, you miss deadlines and commitments.
When you are organized, you are confident that your systems are working to keep you on track.
When you are disorganized, you don't have any room for newer and better anything.
When you are organized, you have space for opportunities that you want to say Yes to.
When you are disorganized, you can't find things when you need them.
When you are organized, everything is where it should be.
When you are disorganized, you waste all kinds of time.
When you are organized, your schedule is streamlined.
When you are disorganized, you are overwhelmed at the sheer volume of possibilities.
When you are organized, you know that you have all the time you need.

2. I'm The One to Do It

I've been teaching a version of it since 2002!
I love the topic.
I geek out on organizing supplies, tips, and tools, so my antennae are always up when I come across new info about these topics. And I'm enthusiastic about sharing what I've learned.
No one else that I know of is teaching this to artists in the same way. And I'm certain no one has been teaching it to artists for as long as I have.
I only teach what I know and what has worked for me, which is why the class content has improved so much over the years. As my systems improve, I update the lessons.

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3 thoughts on “Why I Teach Artists How to Get Organized”

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