Working toward their goals with new marketing materials

Last month I received this really nice letter from Paul Skibinski and Sarah Yeoman:

Dear Alyson,

After attending your workshop at the Delaware Art Museum last November, Sarah and I have been working toward many of the goals you presented . . . we started with a mailing list the week after the workshop and are working toward weekly goals. We wanted to share with you some of what we are doing since we learned a great deal from all that attended and your collection of what other artists shared with you. Your website and blog have been very helpful. SkibinskiAlyson we thank you for sharing your wisdom!

As I always, say, I have THE coolest job in the world. I love to travel and meet new artists. I particularly love it when they, like Paul and Sarah, get “it”! This fall, it looks like New Hampshire, Nebraska, and Iowa are on the calendar.

Paul and Sarah sent me a lovely catalog titled The Artists of Ashland Hollow, along with a CD. They’re from an exhibit that lasts through May 31 at Hardcastle Gallery in Centerville, Delaware. Catalogs were printed through the services at Blurb–something you should check out.

Thank you for sharing your experiences, Paul and Sarah.

Top image (c) Sarah Yeoman (detail).
Bottom image (c) Paul Skibinski, Beech Cove.

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