My Format for Workshop Proposals

I am packing and getting ready to head to Oklahoma (to visit family) and then to Amarillo, Texas to lead a workshop on Saturday. I know of at least three artists driving from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and I’m always excited to hang out with committed artists for the day.

The Amarillo workshop, like all of my workshops, started with a request for a proposal. It’s nine pages long and is sent as a PDF file in an email. I used to send them in nice envelopes, but most people wanted them ASAP, which meant they had to go email. The pages of my proposals are in this order:

1. Cover letter / thank you for the opportunity
2. What is involved in committing to a workshop
3. Sample workshop
4. Fees
5. Sample budget
6. Description of my individual consultations
7. About me
8. Testimonials
9. References

This format has evolved over the years as I become savvier and listen to people’s needs. For example. I inserted the sample budget last year because I want people to understand that there are many costs involved in organizing a workshop in addition to my fee.

Stay tuned to tomorrow's post about writing an artist proposal.

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