June 17, 2009 | Alyson Stanfield

You never know where the Angel Snakes will appear next

Take a look at Gay Pogue’s Angel Snakes blog. Gay, who has a thing for snakes, started this site to document the wanderings of her Angel Snakes.

Gay says: “Angel Snakes first visited my studio in 2006 as I was preparing for an exhibit. They have quietly taken over and finally convinced me to tell their stories. Angel Snakes are muses and artists, among other things.”

On the blog, Angel Snakes appear at coffee shops (they seem to love their java!), rest areas, and cemeteries. Every so often, a new Angel Snake will join the caravan.

Gay (I think it’s Gay!) uses her vivid imagination to give them voice. You can’t help but smile and want to tag along.

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