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Jennifer Falck Linssen just returned to Colorado from California, where she opened a solo exhibit at the Craft & Folk Art Museum in L.A. She wrote to me:

SilverseaI used a bit of your advice for my artist talk . . . before we left for the trip, I took 2 of your book recommendations out of the library (Be Heard Now and Working the Room). The advice was helpful especially 2 pieces: audiences have an attention span of approximately 20 minutes, and find the people looking at you in the audience who are smiling and nodding at you and speak to them. These two pieces really helped. I'm fairly new to speaking in front of audiences. After all, I spend most of my time in my studio alone. 🙂  I just tried to be myself and tell stories. The audience had wonderful questions and I felt dynamic responding to their questions. Speaking will definitely take practice, but the future is bright! 

So glad to hear these books helped, Jennifer!  And I'm thrilled you're out there speaking up for your work. Now, go out and get Brag! from your library.

Image (c) Jennifer Falck Linssen, Sculpture of handcarved paper (katagami) with stitching. Materials
include archival cotton paper, aluminum, waxed linen, indigo, paint,
and varnish.

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