8 Ways to appreciate your Gold Star collectors

Some people will buy one piece of art from you and you'll never hear from them again. Others will purchase more frequently and invest more in your career. It's that group that you want to be sure you're not neglecting.

If someone buys a single set of note cards from you, I'd discourage you from making a big fuss over it. But if someone commissions you for a $10,000 sculpture, they get a gold star in your inventory and they need to be appreciated at a higher level than others who buy from you. They're your Gold Star collectors. Take care of them.

1. Send more frequent mailings to your Gold Star group. Not annoying mailings. But something that's interesting. Maybe just an interesting article with a note saying you're thinking about them.

2. Set up a Gold Star Web page on your site. Put your most recent work there and email your Gold Star group to let them have first choice.

3. Instead of #2, send a CD of your new  images to your Gold Star collectors.

4. Send a handwritten note to your Gold Star collectors telling them that you're happy they're fans.

5. Invite your Gold Star collectors to a special preview of your next opening–before anyone else sees it.

6. Instead of #5, ask your Gold Star collectors to a reception at your studio before you deliver the work to your next show.

7. While everyone else on your list gets postcards or email blasts, your Gold Star collectors get special hand-printed invitations and holiday greetings.

8. Remember birthdays and specially occasions for your Gold Star members. Keep this information in a database and add reminders to your calendar.

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2 thoughts on “8 Ways to appreciate your Gold Star collectors”

  1. I am glad to have those great suggestions to use with my customers. I don’t have artwork that I sell for thousands of dollars but I do have a good customer base. The information is very useful.

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