Art is selling on the Internet

Check out this article in USA Today: Artists Take Painting to the Masses. Mentioning painting-a-day bloggers Duane Keiser and Justin Clayton, the article notes:

Now artists can sell directly to consumers, using blogs or auction
sites at prices more affordable to would-be collectors. The result:
More people are making a living as artists, more people are buying art,
and more art is selling at a wider spectrum of prices.

Once again, it proves that you can make a living selling directly to people. But you have to work hard and be 100% dedicated to your career as an artist. You also have to be among the first to come up with something totally new and different.

(Thanks to Christine DeCamp for the lead.)

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8 thoughts on “Art is selling on the Internet”

  1. Both of the artists you’ve mentioned have links to ebay which is how they are selling their art, but other artists are selling directly from their blogs, not through ebay, an even more personal contact with the artist and a more direct way for the artist to sell their art.

  2. I like the idea of selling from your blog, but the added benefit of selling on Ebay is the possibility of being seen by someone who has never heard of you before. After seeing the article on Duane Keiser, I looked at his website, blogs (he has 4) and read some articles he has written & some other stuff written about him. He is doing very well, for many reasons. But he really has the promotional thing DOWN. He also has a members only site for his collectors. Check him out. It’s very enlightening.

  3. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Blue Starr: I believe the article states that Duane Keiser started by selling directly from his blog and then he outgrew it and moved to eBay.

  4. I am meager to have my art in the hands of people who need good felings in their lives. In this day and age when things are heavy on our heads finding something to add to you home or office that will give the best feelings possible can be a welcome. addition. I go to places that I love and make me feel good then amplify this feeling to give the viewer a painting that gives a desire to go there or a rememberance of a similar place when they also felt their happiness and peace. I am starting on the internet with a website and will then try the ebay route soon. Thanks for the info.

  5. With the unrestful times that we face, I think that often people are looking for a more peaceful time to remember. Nothing controversial, just soothing, relaxing, and yes peaceful, or maybe thats just what I personally want. Any way, I hope that my next series of paintings will reflect a more peaceful feeling. Thats my aim any way.

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  7. that article from USA Today is perfect! Exactly what I’m looking for to Kick my Butt in Gear + Start Selling my Stuff!! 😉 Thank U Alyson!!

    Cheers + $$$ Everybody!! 😉 Billy Peace*

  8. selling directly through the blog more promising, I happened to shoe craftsmen also painting canvas painting with acrylic media. for this new craft products paint a very nice shoe. while painting canvas, I just started to try to participate in an online auction house. but there are questions about my canvas work, whether I was worthy to sell it at auction classmates cristies example, ask advice from mothers who have a lot of experience. thank you in advance.

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