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12 thoughts on “About Curious Monday Posts”

  1. Im wondering if its better to post early in the weekend, because I imagine people have a little more time to look at things on the weekend???

  2. Beth Thommpson

    Well, I only use Facebook regularly, and I usually post more spontaneously there. I don’t pre-schedule posts there, although I expect I could figure it out if I tried. Right now I have a reminder in to-doist to post a new product photo every other day or so in conjunction with my art market booth at AthFest. I usually also post when I release a new blog post on my website, (not that I follow any “prescribed” blogging guidelines, as my posts tend to be labor intensive I just write one a month). In all honesty my fan page on Facebook is languishing, I use my person page more.

  3. I didn’t take care of myself. I have been learning that this is because of the shame my family has heaped on me for my poor choice of profession. Actually, my gifting in art chose me since I was a child and not the other way around and I am done with their shame and my misdirected embarrassment. Because I was ashamed and embarrassed and not taking care of myself I let things go. Currently a car issue and a health issue. My own lovely daughter told me Mom if they won’t help you, take the money from my education fund and take care of yourself. My sister sent me the usual letter of reprimand. Well, I am doing as my daughter said. I will talk to her about repayment. But walking around with a health issue that could kill me but for money to correct it, I think my siblings are the ones who should be ashamed. I am a talented person. I may not have made money at it yet. But I am respected as a teacher and as a Mom (can’t you tell by what a wonderful daughter I raised). So be careful who you listen to and take care of yourself.

  4. I seem to always be juggling, but am finally making a shift to claiming time for art-making without the guilt. I’m very involved with caring for my mother’s physical and emotional needs and white it’s taken a toll, it’s also made me more aware of the need to care for my self. Quite honestly, I’m burned out from care-taking, and am craving freedom at this point in my life. I realize, though, that there’s never perfect balance, and must always put effort into staying afloat. The good news is that I’ve learned to say no in other areas of my life, and I’m clear on what I want for myself. To Alyson’s comment above about social media, I’m finding the time away from my computer as much as I can be, on the weekends, to be good. And as one who is somewhat of an introvert, I care for myself by having quiet time at night – no phone calls, and by carving out alone time during the week. This more than anything helps me to care for myself and do the work that I want to do.

  5. this comment is a little off target, but if you’ll excuse me….I listened and learned from Alyson’s 6 week talk. I entered a juried show, in a new Gallery…the first ever for me. And, to my joy, I won a third place price, including cash and a ribbon. Alyson’s advice has really furthered my view of the artwork I make and where I can go with it. Loving the enthusiasm engendered by reaching beyond my comfort zone.

    I sincerely wish to thank Alyson for her help and advice….

    I would like to put my work on line. I have been seeking a group, club or venue that fits my style. Best wishes to all who are working to expand.


  6. We seem to have become a nation of people easily offended. I think there are way more important things to concern us. I say let them stay. But, don’t purchase any more.

  7. Who was the middle man on this purchase of sculptures? Someone had to know they were coming from China and that is the person with the responsibility of acquiring these sculptures.
    I would keep the sculptures in place, maybe with some transparency. China does not have any copyright laws, and many times have had people tell me that my paintings are on Ebay as originals. I go to Ebay, telling them of the fraud, and paintings are removed. Seen many other artists with same situation.

  8. (they are awfully corny sculptures …..)
    how about leaving them in place with a plaque explaining the problem. A place to comment, or send comments.
    Why take them away if people like them? There s not enough art around anyway, even half-baked art.

  9. I agree with KR – very corny sculptures. The plaques should explain what they are. Somebody should be held accountable for the purchase. There should be a Public Art Committee to recommend purchases in the future – and any Public Art should be selected after an open bidding process. Having such kitschy sculptures – the bear family would appear to be the worst- reflects a bit badly on the community. Surely there are local artists who would love to be represented in public art projects.

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