What’s Your Social Media Schedule? (Curious Monday)

One of the things we do in Content Camp is create an editorial calendar so you know what you’ll be posting and when.

This naturally got me thinking about what your social media schedule is like.

Painting by Barbara J. Hart
©Barbara J. Hart, Just Like Home. Oil on canvas, 9 x 12 inches. Used with permission.

How frequently do you post? And to which platforms? Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Pinterest?

What time of day do you post?

Do you schedule posts or always post live?

What types of things do you post?

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63 thoughts on “What’s Your Social Media Schedule? (Curious Monday)”

  1. I post art that has sold, paintings completed, galleries or exhibitions attended and use mostly FB as I am just getting used to Instagram. I send info as I can. Sometimes when traveling I have to catch up when I get home. I like to do it with the natural rhythm of the day. There is no schedule, it’s as it happens and seems of interest to a viewer. It can be any day of the week!

  2. Alan Hugh Chandler

    I’m really bad about posting on a schedule it’s some thing I need to work on
    some times I don’t post for weeks I need to find more things to post about to keep my readers engaged in my post.

  3. Yes, I have learned to use an editorial calendar. I plan it about every 3 months and it is allowed to change if something fun comes up. I Post on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6am, and I Share on Saturdays using facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. For openings and books I include Linkedin.
    Facebook has stunted my art page. While I continue to post, I’m confused as to how many of my followers see it as it has taken away a lot of the artists I have been following. Has this happened to others? What are you doing to overcome this change?

    1. I agree regarding Facebook. I spent time getting my numbers up (still itty-bitty) but I often feel it was for nothing. I have no idea how many people are really seeing my posts. This works the other way also. Gone are many of the pages that I regularly had posts from. What am I doing about it? Nothing so far other than not using Facebook as much.
      I am sporadic but also use Instagram and have recently started a newsletter. I think today, I will post on my page a link to my newsletter and ask people to sign up – haven’t done that yet. I can control my newsletter!

  4. Marrianna Dougherty

    I’ve been posting as I remember to post. I don’t have an editorial calendar. I use Instagram and Facebook – because I can automatically upload my Instagram photos to my personal Facebook page. I have NOT figured out how to change the FB page auto feature and I’ve tried. All of my excuses are reasons the new Creative Content Camp is a good fit for me and where I am in my artist life.

  5. I post several times a day on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I also post a couple on Pinterest and Google+, if I have something interesting that fits. I’m also on a couple of others where I’m more sporadic.

    Most of my posts are done live, but some are auto-scheduled through Buffer, and some are auto-shared from the blog, missingl_ttr, and IFTTT.

    I post about things I create, things that are interesting or funny, and things that are meant to inspire or educate on the subjects I talk about. Plus I share my monthly forecast on the first of the month.

    I can’t say I have a specific time when I post.

    1. Hi Linda,

      I love getting your updates through to see what you’ve been up to! They seem to find their way through my information feed and brighten up my day.

      My mind thinks I am a meticulous planner, but my posting schedule definitely falls on the intuitive side of things.

  6. Because, in addition to being a working artist, I am the author of a series of self-help books and have a publisher that expects me to regularly promote those books, I post with as much regularity as possible based on a very distinct schedule which is as follows: Early AM, first thing, post on FB book page, after that, post at ‘break times’ which can be anywhere from about an hour to an hour and a half, alternating between art posts and book posts on Twitter and general keeping my name out there both on my personal page and on another FB forum page. By “keeping my name out there” I mean, on my page, posting items of interest that reveal who I am and what I do without stating “THIS IS WHAT I DO.” I do post new works on FB as they come into being.

    I keep word docs that have frequently used links (to my books, to my individual paintings) and – for Twitter – hashtags, etc so that they can be copied and posted in a flash. Likewise, I keep a folder with post-able sized images. I also have a word doc with quotes that relate to my approach to life, art which I will attach an art file to if there is room.

    Needless to say, some times I’m out on the road or entertaining and then… nothing. Because it’s not the time for that. But when it is time – which is almost every day – I’m all over it.

  7. I post to my FB personal page several times a week. It is there that I keep in touch with friends, family,and followers of my art in a conversational way. I post to FB Artists Page twice a week – Mondays and Thursdays – Mondays I show and tell about large formal painting. and Thursday a more casual piece of art. For Thursdays, I created Fresh Start Thursday (FST) and I show a piece of art or sculpture or other creation that I have never done before and encourage readers to tell me and show me something that they have made which they have never done before. I post on my blog once a week on Thursdays with much longer stories. I try to drive traffic back and forth among the various media with links. I always post around 9 or 10 in the morning (because I paint in the afternoon) All my posts are live . I write about anecdotal art or small art narratives that occur within a painting. I try to make writings humorous so that they are fun to read. I am currently trying to get readers take an action.

  8. This is a timely question as regular posting is one of my goals this summer. While I have kept a regular weekly blog going for the past three years. Facebook has been hit and miss. So for the past three weeks I have been focusing on scheduling three posts a week at a time. This has actually been good practice as I feel that I now have a little better understanding of the business page. So far no increase in my few “fans” but I will be patient.

    Yes this pales in comparison to the schedules mentioned in previous comments…..but at least it is a start……… And I do appreciate and learn from all the comments.

  9. I post to my blog once a week. Either Saturday or Sunday. I can’t be too exacting because I’m chronically ill. I sometimes start my post in Evernote during the week. I don’t usually schedule posts. My blog posts are shared on facebook. I’ve given up on twitter. People on twitter seem more interested in my politics than my art.

  10. Thanks to Alyson, I have a regular schedule and use an editorial calendar for my monthly email updates and my weekly blog. I do a blog post on Tuesdays (occasionally on Weds if I slip up but I’m getting more consistent if I have a working list of topics and an editorial calendar). I’m much looser with FaceBook and Instagram. I post finished paintings, in progress work occasionally, and events. the monthly email update comes out just before or just after the end of the month (timing varies slightly depending on events that I’m writing about. For example, if I have an event on the 4th I’ll make sure the update goes out several days before the end of the month.

  11. I just achieved my 80th uninterrupted week of posting to my blog since its inception in November of 2014. The only way for me to accomplish this has been by sticking to a schedule. I write the first draft on Tuesdays, fine-tune on Wednesday, and publish on Thursdays. Subscribers automatically get the post in their inboxes @ 4am Friday morning. Ideas simmer over the weekend (and I keep an ongoing folder in Evernote to catch possible topic ideas), Monday I decide on that week’s topic, and Tuesday the cycle begins all over again.

  12. Corinne McNamara

    My posting has been irregular, as has my art work. I’m teaching summer semester, and had 20 papers to get back to students by yesterday. Carving out art time can be tough; weekly or bi-weekly has been as much as I can manage.

    1. Bravo for you! Having taught many summer semesters, I know how hard it is to get any time at all that isn’t either teaching or grading or advising.

  13. I post each week on my blog without fail.
    However, my goal is to be more focussed and intentional with the topic.
    I post often…several times a day to facebook…much of what I share is to support and offer info and inspiration to others, as well.as share about my making and teaching.
    Not much with Twitter…I never really caught on to it….and I like the image platform on FB.
    I also use Linked In for blog posts and other shares, and Pinterest…sporatically.
    I would like to get more integrated and strategized with all of it!

    Alyson…would love to hear how folks are using video!!!

  14. “A girl” has been posting her adventures at a plein air festival every night on Facebook this past week. Been using the phrase A girl from Game of Thrones so the pronoun I is reduced to nil. This has warmed up the writing mind so the next blog can get back in gear, posting every couple of weeks and the newsletter goes out when another artists newsletter hits the inbox as the reminder for a girls Thumbprints Newsletter.
    Writing has become an interesting excercise. Making words make sense and conveying solid ideas, current events and a bit of the personal has been the goal with each posting. Also proofing for spelling and grammar. Regardless of the new texting way of writing with single letters and bad spelling, a girl believes the right stuff will get read.

  15. I try to post whenever I am on a job where that organization would like some publicity (such as a library, school or Seaport Village). So in the summer, I post practically every day and during the rest of the year it’s once or twice a week. I aim for at least once a week. And I use the cross-post capability on Instagram to also post on Facebook and Twitter and Flickr. It seems to work for me.

  16. I use my projects to hold a container for my posting. For example, I’m doing a daily video from Paris and also a daily painting.

    I was posting only once a day for each of these things but have tried to post more. I want to be sure to be in the stream both in Europe and the US.

    I used to have an editorial calendar for blog posts but now I just go with what’s up in the studio and in my art.

    Ultimately it’s a matter of planning ahead and then flowing as I go.

  17. Inconsistent at best. I think about it more often, but end up doing something else instead. Thanks for the reminder and I will set up a reminder system to help me remember that this is a must do, just like the monthly newsletter. People DO want to hear about what I am doing…. Thanks Alyson.

  18. If my social media schedule were a dance, I’d be flat on my tuchas, wincing. I really am having trouble making an actual schedule as I can’t seem to find my rhythm. On the other hand, my editorial calendar (thank you Alyson for Creative Content Camp!) has a marvelous flow.

  19. My mercy! These posts ( even the ones that say they are deficient in some way) are pretty amazing. With my nose to the grindstone in an academic administrative and university teaching job during the social media ” formative years”, I just didn’t keep up with the whole world of micro-media. I was an early adopter of online classroom platforms and courses, but the whole world of Facebook, Instagram and all the rest ….A couple of years ago when I retired, I did get a Facebook account to keep up with my grown kids, grandkids etc. That’s been a good thing.

    I’ve been reading Alyson’ past blogs on related topics and also a recently published book (2016) that even I can understand, Mastering the New Media Landscape: Embrace the Micromedia Mindset by Hendricks and Shelton. Susan’s Mclaughlin’s post above sounds like a case study for success in the book! I am also hiring a recent college grad with a degree in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) to teach me the basics of all these platforms ( a friend’s daughter). Then, I will take Alyson’s course on the same.

    In the meantime, I have been building my website on Squarespace. I got help ( lots of it!) from another artist who is very good at this. I hope to launch it this month( 6 months after making the decision to get into the business of art as it exists today) all the while building an inventory from scratch and taking the Action Steps in IRBITS which I have read and reread since getting it in January. I also have to say doing the Artist Statement ( Alyson’s) workbook which takes 20 days is one of the best things I have done.

    This blog is the first I have ever participated in. I really like it! I’ve already learned a lot and am beginning to feel connected to people who post regularly. I am a ” J” on the Myers-Briggs personality profile, so no doubt I’ll be schedule-driven if I ever get off ground zero. ????

    I am clearly behind, but committed in spite of feeling overwhelmed sometimes with all I need to learn and do.

  20. My social media posting is fairly random, I’m sorry to admit. I’ve recently started posting to Instagram and so far, I do that daily and it posts to 3 other social media sites. When I write a blog, I post that on a number of sites. And the rest is random…sharing cool artists I’ve come across, a show I’m in or one that is worth seeing, etc. I do respond to comments when they come in.

  21. I consistently post once every 3 days on my Blogspot blog. It is a chronological journal of my creative life (rarely my family life). I am usually a month or 2 behind so monthly do a real-time post. I also post about art shows and events in real time. I put each post on my 2 Facebook accounts. Stats show most of my readers now access my blog from their Facebook accounts.
    In the meantime, my website, which I am doing myself is a disaster. I don’t enjoy working on it and as a result do not find the time to give it some attention. Even when i know this neglect is to the detriment of my practice.

    1. So pleased to hear I am not alone with the website issues. I asked a techy friend to help with my new website, and he walked me through the first steps, then told me I had to take ownership and do the rest myself, otherwise I’d be forever relying on a third party. He’s right, but I hate it , and as a result, it’s a mess and still a work in progress. I took on an assistant about 9 months ago, she’s much younger and more tech savvy than me, we’ve just agreed that she’ll do it for me. Net result – I still don’t have ownership, but at least it’s being addressed. I feel for you Lesley, get some help with it if it’s not your thing.

    2. Leslie,

      I could really appreciate your frustration with the website building. I found it makes a lot of difference which platform you are using. Some are just easier than others. I couldn’t afford a website builder, so I went online and contacted artists whose sites I loved. On my second try, that artist offered to help me for a very nominal fee. It has been a wonderful collaboration and now I have a new friend as well as a site that I love and am almost ready to gap public with.

  22. Guess it’s comforting to see that the word inconsistency seems to reappear here often.
    I am still trying to balance the social media conundrum, and so far, still not succeeding,
    even with a calendar, although I pat myself on the back, and tell myself that I am getting there.
    I have found that it is helping to take a close look after ten years and make decisions about which venues are leading to responses, and those seem to be at this point, Pinterest and Twitter, although I have a FB page and have tried Instagram. It becomes
    too time demanding yet I do try to balance a few hours around a daily painting schedule
    in my home studio. Two years ago, I was able to get my own studio space built as an
    addition to my home, and I am delighted to head upstairs to my “happy place” to start
    each weekday. I have also revised a website that needed tweaking, and is still coming
    around to an appearance and function that satisfies me. I did consolidate my blog posts on the website as well as income stream venues, and that has proven to have been a
    smart move on my part.
    One lesson I have learned for myself is that as much as I enjoy the camaraderie with artists, my focus should not be reaching them as marketing targets. Currently, commissions and print sale commissions are proving to be most profitable.

  23. Painting, gardening, being an executive in an art group- these are priorities. I usually blog once a week about what is going on – or comments on art news etc. Funnily, I had the greatest reader response to a blog about a show of nude works from the Canada Art Bank so I think “nude” or “naked” is the key to attracting an audience! My Life Drawings go on Pinterest, I do a monthly newsletter to those who have signed up for it – but Facebook and LinkedIn get little attention- and I skim entries by others. You can read about or post about it – or actually get on with it, I think.

  24. I post when I’m excited about something that’s happening: when a painting has received a prize, when it’s an absolutely beautiful day in my studio, or I’m taken by a stunning view or activity when I’m on the road. By only posting when I’m thrilled I can use the excitement of what I’m doing to carry over. I get the most responses when I’m the most emotionally involved with what is happening.

    Which doesn’t mean I don’t deliberately photograph an activity with a visual narrative. I include selfies and construct my photos so they are visually interesting.

    I periodically take Facebook off my phone as I can get sucked into that particular vortex too easily. So I’m less likely to post immediately when that’s happening. When a big event it happening I post more, but keep it monitored. I personally get my feed clogged up on the first Monday of the month when most people post something big. BORING.

    I only use FB but am thinking about others soon. FB works well for me, though sometimes I have trouble with having a personal page and an artist page. I’ll need to think about that some more.

    Thanks for asking.

  25. Very random, and intentionally so! I check FB and email often, but post comments as I feel like it (just being me). When I have events coming up (Artwalk, my own show openings, open studios, other events), I gradually work up to a bit of a blitz of status updates, FB invitations, and lots of images). I have a blog, which is also pretty random.
    That being said, I am a California “girl” so posting in the early AM is important in this time zone, though I check regularly, almost obsessively, throughout the day, mostly around my mealtimes.
    People often tell me – in person – that they enjoy my posts and comments.

  26. When I post, I post on Instagram, which is also linked to my Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and occasionally Facebook feeds. I can decide which feeds to post to with one click.
    I do think that proper hashtags are the most important part of posting to gain viewership.
    I try to post daily. It does not always happen though but thats my goal.
    I also make sure that the people that comment on my work get a return Thank You! A trick I’ve learned to gain viewership on Instagram is to go to general hashtags (e. g. #abstract painting) and comment on other peoples work. Viewership and followers DO increase.

  27. Wow, so many responses, and so much to aspire to.
    I got into the habit of posting on my facebook page 3-4 times a week, sharing work I’d produced, or if I didn’t have enough decent images, maybe sharing interesting work and ideas from other artists. My likes were going up modestly and I had people actively engaged. Then a close relative (ok, my Dad, who has taken me under his wing and decided to be my coach – sorry Alyson) pointed out that when he encouraged people to look at my facebook page, my feed was full of other people’s work, rather than just my own, which confused the potential clients. Apparently they wont take the time to look at my albums, so the feed has to be my showcase. I’ve adopted this over the last couple of weeks, but I’m yet to see any difference in my traffic, or my sales.

  28. My bed is made every morn at 7. Then the computer is next.
    Try to do Facebook every few days, and mostly in the AM only.
    I am dislexic and my spelling and grammar always need edits.
    A blog would take my whole morning.
    I have materials at a seafood place I eat at where the clients are winery owners,
    brewers, and assorted well heeled biz people. I give info to to everyone I meet
    there who speaks up about my art, or “what do you do”? I just hand them info right there because Eric and Tony love my work and I am a great customer.
    I live in an artless cowboy area, and can not as yet afford to move.
    I had to start painting tiny trompe l’oeil illusions in wineries on their floors and walls.
    This gets the most Facetime urr, book, SpaceBook… because it is all that has worked here. This response took almost an hour out of my day.

  29. It’s very interesting to read all these varied responses. I’m another one of those whose posting is pretty inconsistent…sometimes I think about it, sometimes I don’t. I do post on Facebook and my own website news page when there is an exhibit or other event coming up. But a recent experience made me realize that posting more regularly might be a good idea. An artist friend invited me to a “5 day challenge” on Facebook — post a different work each day for 5 consecutive days, and also each day invite another artist to take the challenge. I was amazed at the positive response I got from so many people who saw my posts, and also at how many people I re-connected with after being out of touch for a while. I think there’s something to learn here….

  30. 3 posts a day to FB page and Twitter – scheduled a week at a time. The first is at 5:30AM – my daily moment of beauty. Then at 11 AM and 4 PM – either a photo, link to current blog post, a video or workshop – at least one is a photo with no link – just sharing beauty

    For Pinterest – post about 6 of my photos a day – either ones that have been on FB or from older blog posts

    Blog – 4X a week – Sunday introduces a new photo, Monday & Wednesday are several photos on a theme – same type of flowers, specific location, etc, Friday is newsletter article – blog posts are written in advance and scheduled – usually 2-3 weeks ahead on the Sunday, Monday & Wednesday posts – Friday usually finished on Tuesday when the newsletter is ready to go

    Newsletter goes out on weekly on Friday – either sharing what I’ve recently been photographing or a “teaching” post – which relates to/links to an upcoming workshop

    Instagram – no set schedule – use it for sharing whtat I’m photographing out in the field. Since I”m currently on a photo trip – will probably be posting to instagram 2-3 times a day – and sharing the instagram posts to FB (personal profile) and Twitter

  31. No schedules for me, I post on FB, but lately more on Instagram. I am making a effort to post while I am working, but I am weird and really don’t like to show my work until it is done. I am working on that, so I post a little more.

  32. So far I only post on Facebook. No specific schedule. I post paintings in progress, completed paintings and I try to post a few photos a week while an exhibit is in progress. Haven’t started a regular newsletter yet. Would like to figure out Instagram. One thing at a time…..

  33. I post to my blog once a week, and use that to post on Twitter and my Facebook page. In between I spend a little time each day on Twitter and FB, and retweet things I am interested in (environment, ocean, others’ photographs, street art, occasional petitions), add art related items I find interesting to my FB page. I post photographs to Instagram from time to time, and occasional art work, but I’ve decided to start posting my blog material there as well. I have some followers who are the same in each of these places, but also followers who are unique.

    The material on my blog is original art work and poetry. Posting once a week allows me the time I need to work and polish in between. It also means that I don’t spend too much time during the week tracking response and responding to comments. I usually post on the weekend, and that’s also when I read and communicate with the bloggers I follow, some of whom follow me and some of whom don’t. I have found myself part of an interesting and supportive community there.

    I don’t have an editorial calendar as such, and I do take occasional breaks, for holidays or when I just need time to breathe.

    This seems to work well for me!

  34. I used to schedule posts at various times of the day on FB that were are related quotes so at least something was there. Then I read about making a social media calendar and planned out what types of posts would be published on what days/times. I had something planned for 3x/day. I was quite happy with myself over the whole thing, but when I presented the idea to my business mentor… Well… He suggested that was way too much and that if he got something three times a day from someone, he’d most likely “unlike” them. His suggestion was twice a week.

    I was completely miffed… I thought the whole idea was to promote and engage. How do you get any momentum posting only twice a week? I was discouraged and scrapped the whole thing.

    Now I post randomly as things happen in my studio and try to post several times promoting upcoming shows & events. I think a calendar of ready made posts would be so much easier. I need to learn how to be consistent.

  35. If I am at an art event, I try to post a photo, at least on my personal page. I post a link on my business page when I blog and when something is happening that I think will amplify my image and identity as an artist and or as a creative personality, and then I may or may not hyperlink or share that to my personal page. Certainly I post achievements and recognitions, on my art page, but sometimes I also post other artist’s activities on my business page. My personal page is filled with my photos and upbeat news, and more personal activity, fun with friends, and occasionally something inspirational. I almost never post social commentary, since nowadays that is an invitation to trolls. I do not have a regular calendar for posting art business, and I do not yet use any media other than Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/joanvienotart.

  36. At this early/student stage in my career, I’m more focused on learning the skills, rewiring my brain / training “my eye”, & building a body of work than in promoting it. However, each time I finish a painting I post a photo (or 2, as details are sometimes a huge value-add) – with its attendant story/explanation – on my blog on BlogSpot.com, whose social media (ex., GooglePlus) I control the settings for on my account. Right now, my posts automatically get posted to Google+. I use this primarily to document in one place a picture of the work, its dims & specs, description of any symbols or stories, and anything unusual about its materials or methods. You could call it an online PRODUCT RESOURCE CARD.

    Sometimes I manually opt to post a new link to my BlogSpot blog to Facebook. But I’m still shy about sharing my art, especially with some of my Facebook “Friends”. I expect to move past this shy stage within the next year.

    Then when I’m ready to “come out from under the couch” with my glorious oeuvre, I will already have a “catalog” of sorts. Too, it’s very convenient to have an online presence to point people to when they are curious enough to look me up. Once in awhile I read a post or two several weeks/months later, & it’s a great morale booster even if nobody comments on my posts 🙂

    My husband believes Instagram is among the best social media sources to get views from random viewers.

  37. I use FB to post images sold, new work available, and where my showings will be. It’s random as it happens. I’ve tried twice to keep up a blog, don’t quite understand Instagram, wonder about the value of Pinterest, and never had luck with Twitter bringing me sales. I would love to do a newsletter that people would actually read. It’s an area I think about daily, knowing I could do much better. I definitely need some guidance.

  38. I post on instagram once a day unless I am painting and then I post progress. I don’t usually post or work on teh computer on weekends. I push to facebook from instagram. I blog most Tuesdays. I used to have a month of posting images on facebook for three sites but I have fallen behind the last six weeks and need to catch up. It sort of ebbs and flows.

  39. As a senior whose art income barely exceeds expenses, I have no time at all for social media. Art related hours are spend making art. Period. If I spend half my time posting or creating on-line content, that is time not spent creating images. At this point, I don’t need that, and will not do it.

  40. Once a month: email newsletter with a studio sneak peek image. release a new you tube video.

    Once a week (at least): blog post. Pinterest, spend 15 minutes pinning.

    Daily: twitter posts that promote the back catalog of excellent posts I’ve done; tweets that let you know what I’ve got for sale. IG, not quite daily, I’m getting the hang of it.

  41. I don’t have any sort of routine when posting to social media and I seem to only post to Facebook and only things other than my work. This is definitely an area I need to improve I find I get sucked into reading other posts or tweets etc if I go on these sites then I lose entire hours to wandering around social media instead of getting work done, so I’ve been avoiding it.

  42. I have been most happy using Instagram. I try to post once a day, then hit the share button to link the post to my FaceBook and Twitter accounts. I’ve been taking pictures of my work in progress for an upcoming art fair and pictures of walks where I find inspiration for more work. I don’t blog and am considering learning to use Pinterest. I find the variety of social media out there confusing and am searching for a pattern to use that makes sense for my work. I really, really hope to have a website by the end of summer. I have a friend who will make it for me and teach me to use it, but we’ve both been so busy it’s hard to make that happen. I think it’s worth waiting for though because her art vision is very similar to mine and she is a good teacher.

    1. Susan, the book I mentioned in my post has a great model for understanding the confusing world of micro- media.

  43. I am learning to be more consistent. Facebook is regular, and I am learning to post on Pinterest and Instagram on a regular basis. My goal is to also blog on a weekly basis.
    My goal is to post consistently and have meat to whatever I post. I want to learn how to automate this in order to be consistent as well as save time.
    Facebook is proving to be rewarding with some sales.

  44. I’m a little late in replying – 3 deaths of friends within 8 days has set me back, lot of soul searching and such. Any who – I Usually post daily on Facebook; sold art, pending orders, new items, upcoming events. The most popular is a little idea I implemented about a year ago – Your Thought for the Day. Most are taken from a book hubby bought – “Women Who Do Too Much”. Is he trying to tell me something? I digress. Other Thought for the Day postings are as simple as a recent observation while out and about. Get a lot of likes and some remarks – it’s on my timeline. I missed several days, had a customer message me, ended up getting an order.
    The sold art always generates remarks. I haven’t blogged in months – getting back to it after participating in Alyson’s artbizcoach videos. I have website blog I used a lot in the beginning, never got any remarks so I stopped, discouraged.
    I do have instagram, posting several times a week, mostly art, other pix as well. Have 40 followers. Doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to get it everything posted, read, sorted, and implemented. My Day Timer keeps me on track, WHEN I use it.
    I would love to have input on which is better – Instagram or Facebook, blogging on my website, or ???

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