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Last year I wrote Get Google Alerts for the Art Marketing Action newsletter.

Now it’s time to add to your alerts. Don’t just sign up for alerts how you spell or write them, but sign up for alerts as others might. For instance, everyone always misspells my name. (Aside: It’s rude and lazy, by the way, to misspell something that is so easy to find–especially when you’re marketing!) So I signed up for variations of my first name (Alison, Allison) and last name (Stansfield). Wouldn’t you know it, I’m finding mentions of me more than ever online.

Also, while I never do this, some people call me the “Art Biz Coach” or “ArtBiz Coach”, so I signed up for both of these.

Also, don’t forget to get alerts for the title and URL of your blog: “Art Biz Blog,” “ArtBiz Blog” and “” I’m getting a bunch of links from those variations.

Why do you want to know this? So that you can go to those sites that mention you, add a comment and leave your virtual footprint in more places online. More links to your site=better search-engine placement.

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3 thoughts on “Add to your Google Alerts”

  1. This is very cool stuff. It’s very helpful and has helped me see how and where people are finding out about my work, too

  2. Some of my Google Web Alerts link back to places that don’t allow me to trace where/how my search criteria was mentioned. Anybody know how to solve this?

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