Affirm Who You Will Be in this Economy

Frightened by the latest headlines predicting dire times ahead? You’re not alone. I’ve received lots of requests to address the economic situation, and I’ve been mulling it over. I’ve been torn since I’m certainly not an expert on the economy. Heck, no one appears to know what the economy is going to do next! And if they say they do, they’re often proven wrong within 24 hours.

I’m also not an expert on the art market during recessions. When looking back at what the BIG art market has done during previous times of recession, I’ve read that the art market usually lags about a year behind the financial markets. But these are numbers from auction houses and big art fairs. Those numbers don’t really apply to most of my readers, so I caution not to read too much into them.

Meg Romero

Meg Romero, Stitch.
Various hardwoods, knitted and felted wool, 18 x 43 x 24 inches.
©The Artist

How can I possibly be of any help if I’m not an economic expert?

The best ways to help, I decided, is to (1) lead by example and (2) continue to encourage you as I always have. The first–leading by example–is something I always try to do. People say they hire me because I’m so good at marketing myself and my services and products. I don’t intend to let up now. In fact, I intend to do more.  The second is a given. Encouragement is what I hope I do in my newsletter, blog, classes, consulting, books, and workshops. I mostly offer how-to tips and advice, but there is an underlying message of encouragement in each. You can do this! Others have done this before you, others have lived to tell about it, and you, too, can learn to promote your art–even in an economic downturn.

What I do know is that some people will still buy art. Sure, many people have lost a lot of their wealth in the market, but many of them will regain a lot of it. There will always be people who buy art. And, if I’m reading the calendar correctly, the holidays are just around the corner. It’s gift-buying season!

You need to decide and affirm who you will be in this economy. Will you devour the negative forecasts and give up? Will you pretend nothing is wrong? Will you lie low until the storm has passed? Or will you buck up and affirm that you are going to weather the storm and come out stronger than ever?  I vote for the latter.

You can’t pretend that things aren’t different. They are. But you have it in your power to decide how you will show up.

KNOW THIS———-~> Things are different.

THINK ABOUT THIS—~> Who will you BE in this different economic environment?

DO THIS————~> Affirm that you will show strength and determination. Affirm that you will tune out negative thoughts (especially your own) and tune in to positive messages that nurture you. Affirm that you are an artist and that artists keep making art regardless of the world around them. Affirm that you will do more, not less.

Tell us about the fear that motivates you and listen to the podcast on the Art Biz Blog.

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