Personal Note: Look for Good Omens

The sky is falling!

Or at least you’d think it is if you listen to news–especially television. We’re in for hard times, we’re fighting two wars, and things just don’t look good.

Wait. Stop! Things aren’t that bad if you think of everything you have.
I am truly grateful each and every day for the roof over my head, our beautiful home and neighborhood, a loving (and fun!) husband, friends, family, good health, freedom, YOU, and much more.

I take time at night to write out my list of gratitudes. And I look at the list in the morning. I have more than probably 95% of the earth’s population. Life is very good. I am blessed.

Still, last week when I was going to pick up my new car that had been on order since July (before the sky
started falling), I had a pang of guilt. Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this.

Maybe it’s not the best time to take on new car payments. And then I stopped myself. Not only did I need some kind of new car (the old Beetle was 10 years old and truly not feeling so well), but I worked hard for it. And I’m putting money back into the economy–helping the energy flow and all of that good stuff.

After picking up the new car, I took my husband out to dinner and we found a parking place in the front row. It was the place closest to the door. This was surely a good omen. Things are just getting better.

Look for your own good omens this week, and write them down when you notice them. You’ll be surprised.

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