Art in your own backyard

Have you discovered the art in your own backyard? I brought this up in today's Art Marketing Action newsletter. There is much around us (most of us) if we but take advantage of it. Too many art exhibits to ever see them all.

Maybe you have real art in your real backyard? If you have a picture of it online somewhere or if you can put it on your blog, leave the link below and send a trackback to this post.

Or maybe you know of the most creative art display, venue ever. What is it? Where is it? Who is showing there?

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8 thoughts on “Art in your own backyard”

  1. Hi Alyson, My works are in three different shows at the moment. My work won a 1st place _and_ a Judge’s Award at the CHAC gallery, 772 Santa Fe Dr in Denver through Aug 26th. I also have a one-person show at the Hair Artz salon/gallery, 611 N. Wilcox in Castle Rock, through mid-September. Thanks to you and your classes for making my increasing success possible. Best regards, Tom Frederick Thomas Robert Frederick Floral Photo Art with Hand-Painted Light

  2. Hi there, today’s newsletter about art in your backyard really hit home with me… I moved to NYC over a year ago from the lovely Adirondack region of upstate New York and one of my biggest arguments for leaving that area was that there was “not enough of an art community” or enough museums or art events taking place around me. Fast forward a year… I have yet to visit the Met since my move, I’ve been to the MoMA once, MAD museum once, still have never been to the Guggenheim and have attended only ONE art opening… in NYC!! Talk about opportunity right in your back yard! I think it underscores the fact that you have to take the time to seek out art no matter where you live. We all have busy lives and good intentions, but we deserve to take the time out to inspire and re-charge ourselves. I know now that I made little effort to do so in my old home town. Thanks for reminding me that it’s up to me to get out and seek art more often! ~Margaux Lange PS. Ever dismembered a Barbie doll… and enjoyed it?! Then you may enjoy my jewelry art!

  3. So many people forget to look around at what’s close to them. I’ve written on this topic a number of times…for travel articles and for children’s activity publications. The latter took the form of discovering all the neat nature projects right in your actual backyard or the block/street/road where you live. My daughter takes photos of the trees, stones, flowers, birds in the birdhouse, and other natural objects around our backyard…then uses these to get ideas for her fabric art.

  4. Ellene Breedlove Davis

    Hi Alyson, A picture that I painted in pastels of a “Red Roof Barn, is being shown at the Horse and Hound Tack store. Next door there are 4 paintings hanging in an upscale Oriental resturant. Thanks for all the good information you send, keeps me motivated and working hard!

  5. How true. In July I visited San Francisco. In three days I visited four small galleries, an outdoor art fest, and the MoMA while still having time for hiking the coastal trail, and having seafood on the warf and dim sum in Chinatown. Being on foot in a city changes things. When I go (rarely) to Denver, I’m driving somewhere, sometimes just to the airport to go somewhere else. But now, I’ve got a few exhibits on my list. Thanks to you, Alyson.

  6. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Margaux: From those of us envious of what is in your backyard . . . GET OUT MORE! 🙂 Con: Yep, there’s a lot going on up here on the Front Range. It does, however, require planning. Rick: Thanks for the pic. I think I have a lot of bugs you could photograph, too. Thanks to the cats, they’re indoors as well!

  7. Hi Alyson, Enjoyed your “Art in Your Own Backyard” newsletter this week. Fortunately, we live on a historic ranch north of Austin in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Since my husband is a sculptor, we have art in our “back yard”. However, we think Mother Nature is still the best artist yet. She created a beautiful spring fed creek that runs through our property. See the photos on our homepage.

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