Offices are Moving

P1010003Oh, boy, how do other people do this?!

This might be the longest move (three miles down the road) in history. It seems like I've been packing and unpacking for two weeks and it has only been about half that time.

This is what remains of my office. But I can't wait to show you my new one when it's ready!

Funny how we still make time for blogging even when things are crazy all around us. Perhaps that's the best time to blog. Hmmm.

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3 thoughts on “ Offices are Moving”

  1. hello – i am so excited to find your blog on art for artists from an art coach… i just started my own blog and marketing efforts, albeit part-time… i subscribed to your newsletter and RSS. THEN… i saw your boxes – it pinged a constant state of my own affairs when it comes to moving. you said 3 miles being the longest move made.. nothing creates more upheaval than packing, moving and unpacking again. yet at the same time so cleansing. i had to smile. me, my art and families have moved more than 16 times, lived in 27 different houses, and 3 different countries. i was raising a military brat and continued this with my ex for another 10 years. i still find myself moving. I wish i could just stay in one place. someday i will. just had to write and give you encouragement when those boxes spoke to me. my mom always said “never unpack the last few boxes, for if you do, it’s time to move again.” my best wishes in your new office. it does end, really!

  2. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Actually, what I meant is that it’s long duration-wise. I’ve moved all over the country, but this just seemed to take days longer than other moves–perhaps because we did a lot of little stuff on our own before the big stuff was carried away by the movers.

  3. I see… then you have lived the “moving bug” too. i like the last post about getting rid of things. it’s a purge of past non-essentials to be sure. i just completed an artwork call HEAL*LIVE*DREAM with verses about past, present and future… seems to be a common thread going through many peoples lives these days. this site is awesome. thank you from one creative heart to yours… barbara

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