Artist statements shed light on artists’ ideas

Several weeks ago, Dane Stickney of the Omaha Herald-Tribune contacted me because he was writing a story about the artist’s statement. I was fascinated that a reporter was interested in what is usually considered an esoteric  document in artists' portfolios. After all, most of the general public has no idea what an artist statement is.

Catch Dane’s article: Artist statements shed light on artists ideas.

If you want to know more or to tackle your own, check out my Relatively Pain-Free Artist Statement journaling e-book. (There’s a free audio file on that page that will help you get started with yours.)

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3 thoughts on “Artist statements shed light on artists’ ideas”

  1. Thanks for this link — very interesting article! We were just at the Bemis center last weekend and are headed back for tonight’s annual art auction. They expect to raise $400,000 for their programs, so I’m excited to see how it goes. Also the Hot Shops is very cool place, so glad to see it mentioned in the article too.

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