Blogging Mistakes and How to Overcome Them

Guest blogger: Cynthia Morris
I love the low threshold to get into the blogosphere. Anyone can put up a blog and post their passion for free or really cheap. That’s cool!
But, while the threshold is low, the bar for blogging well is high. Often we’ll jump in without really knowing what we’re doing. Which is fine – I’ve made my way through life with this kind of chutzpah.

What’s not okay is spending your precious time blogging badly.
Because if you’re not going to do it well once you get going, why continue?
Original Impulse Blog
I was as guilty as others of making blog faux pas at the beginning. Some of my gaffs:

  • Itsy bitsy teeny weeny photos
  • Unfocused topic
  • Tons of sidebar content

Alyson says some of her mistakes on Art Biz Blog have been:

  • Not having her name at the top of the blog
  • Not figuring out the purpose of her blog early on
  • Sticking with someone else's platform too long rather than integrating the blog with her brand

I’m sure I’m still making mistakes. The good thing is blogging continues to evolve and there’s always more to learn. I’ve got a whole new blog that I get to play with and develop.

Know and fix your mistakes

If you’re making these mistakes or others, it’s okay. But I invite you to learn what you’re doing wrong and fix your mistakes, so you can enjoy lots of readers, interesting comments and success with your blogging goals.
How to know what’s right and wrong with your blog? I’ve got just the thing.
The Blog Triage class, which I teach with Alyson, begins on October 27th. This class is for artists who have a blog that needs help.
This class offers an affordable way to get support from two seasoned bloggers, plus a community of new artist friends. It lasts for four weeks and will totally change your blog now and in the future – for the better!
We’ve also created a self-study course that lets you take the class on your own. It’s priced for those who don’t want the support of a group and who want to study in your own time and pace.
Ready for a better blog?
Join us for Blog Triage and watch your blogging mistakes disappear!
Space is limited to just 30 people, so sign up now.

Cynthia MorrisGuest blogger Cynthia Morris coached me through the writing of my book. She's now a dear friend and partner in great ideas. We have a blast teaching this class together, but confess that it wears us out. We work our butts off for Blog Triage students. We'd love to help you!

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2 thoughts on “Blogging Mistakes and How to Overcome Them”

  1. I was guilty of something similar to Alyson. While I’ve always hosted my own blog, I had it on a separate subdomain. To make it worse, it was branded differently from my website. Finally got that sorted out and now everything is available from my one site.

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