Blogging During an Artist Residency

Portland, Oregon artist Hilary Pfeifer is documenting her summer residency at the Wood Turning Center in Philadelphia on her new "Bunny with an Artblog" blog. What a great idea!

I look forward to following along. And I hope that more artists recognize the power of the blog to connect with new audiences and stay in touch with old ones.

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6 thoughts on “Blogging During an Artist Residency”

  1. International Turning Exchange gets blogged

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the results of all this creative energy colliding in one place and reading all about it in Bunny with an Artblog. Nice idea Hilary, thanks, and have a great time!

  2. Alyson Several of us who have “met on the Internet” recently completed a month-long residency at the Cat’Art Center in the South of France. We all had high hopes of daily blogging, but discovered the difficulty of shared Internet service in a foreign country and so our good intentions came to few posts. Since we returned, most of us have posted about our experiences. In my May posts, I have been posting some photos and a link to April where my sketchbook pages are being scanned and uploaded (eventually April 1-25) Karen has created a special page with links to her posts and photos Cheryl posted more regularly while there at There are links on our sidebars to the others in the group. Even though there were few regular posts, the after-posts have been as interesting for us and our readers. Annette Bush

  3. Yes, I had a great time keeping something written down just like a brief diary entry with a free diary program on my laptop. Then I went up the the Cat’Art office and loaded the pages when I could. To find the ones I posted during the residency, just look in the archives for the month of April.

  4. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Help! It’s in French! I can read a lot of French, but finding the archives isn’t easy.

  5. I just came across this entry after adding my blog to google alerts. I’m trying to figure out why you say my blog is in French. is in French although they have an English version somewhere on the page for their site. Recently, I’ve tried to do some updating adding labels to the Cat’Art residency blogs. All I can say is that Cat’Art is a wonderful place to go, relax, take in the real French experience and countryside and paint while you are there in one of their studios. There is no stress for you to “produce” as they expect that artists need time to process what they are experiencing there.

  6. I just came across the catart blogging! I have been there for 7 months, since feb 2007 and am leaving at the end of July to teach in Turkey, at Bilkent University. I am preparing a selection of pictures including my beautiful studio and pictures of surroundings and artists at work… It has been great to renew with nature and have the time and space to do real work. I have met some great artists in all disciplines… it brings so much I must say. until then…. bridget busutil, Encaustic artist and professor.

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