To update your mailing list on a regular basis.
To say thank you to those who have helped you.
To follow up with anyone who expresses interested in your work.
To set boundaries. It’s easier to say “no” and then change your mind than it is to start with a “yes.”
To meet more people.
To get help when you need it.
To never stop learning.

That when you procrastinate, you are only putting off your dreams.
That no one cares about your success more than you.
That you are a work in progress. It will take many baby steps to reach your goals. Celebrate your victories along the way.

This list is an extension of today’s Art Marketing Action newsletter–an annual Memorial Day issue. More reminders to come.

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1 thought on “Remember”

  1. “Update your mailing list on a regular basis”. A simple concept that’s not easy if I don’t have a good source of names to add to my list. I get some names and addresses from my gallery guestbooks, but not that many visitors bother signing and even fewer leave their address. I have an email newsletter – a few people have subscribed – I’ll never add names to that list myself because it would seem too ‘spamish’. I’ve had other artists add me to their emaillist and I find that annoying. Any advice on how to get names to add to my mailling list? (other than “be patient, it takes time”)?

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