Book cover designer obsession

I'm obsessed with a book cover designer–in a good way.

I fell in love with a cover right on my shelf: Reading Like a Writer by Francine Prose. The spine is deliciously striped with other violet-hued book spines and the back has all of the white, clean space I crave. Then I went to the designer's Web site and saw his other fabulous covers:  Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich. (You have to click on the small dots to see the covers.)

What are the chances that I can get Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich to design the cover for my little book? Would it be too obnoxious to start an online campaign? Yes, I sent an email. I'll send another next week and then I'll get on the phone.

Maybe I can encourage artists to get together under a full moon and send good energy to Roberto. His name is straight out of Breakfast at Tiffany's, my favorite movie of all time. It's destiny.

So, calling all artists. I'm not averse to you starting small bonfires (around which you dance naked), chanting, and meditating. Hey, and if you live anywhere near him, you could put out yard signs or even deliver a bouquet of flowers to him on my behalf. (Of course, I have no idea where he lives.) All in the name of encouraging Roberto to design my book cover. He just needs to know how critical it is that a book for artists has the most well-designed cover.

Lest you dismiss my calls as frivolous, just take a look on your bookshelves. I defy you to count, on more than one fully 5-fingered hand, the handsome, memorable covers. There are a lot of unattractive ones out there.

Disclaimer: Of course, all of this assumes I can afford Roberto, but I just have a good feeling. . . .

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4 thoughts on “Book cover designer obsession”

  1. Beautiful covers, I went to the Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich site and clicked all the dots. On my bookshelf I have two of the cover, both books by Simon Winchester, “Kratatoa”, and “The Map That Changed the World”, both beautiful. Good luck in your search for the perfect cover design.

  2. Personally, I didn’t care for his book covers at all. And I was very frustrated with his website. It took me a while to figure out that I had to click the dots and the whole thing is does not work well for a 800×600 screen which I use and I had to constantly scroll to see the side image (which also took me a while to figure out). No, sorry, not impressed by this designer at all.

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