Treat your art like it belongs in a museum [part 1]

Thee most important thing you can be doing to prepare your art for museum collections and exhibitions is to treat it like it belongs there.

How do you do this? The checklist in my old e-book, The Artist-Museum Relationship (no longer for sale), begins with Materials and Methods.

Materials & Methods

I use museum quality materials that are made to last.

I am a student of my craft (painting, sculpture, jewelry, etc.). I study the mediums and know how they work together and how they stand up over time. I also know what not to use together.

[If relevant] I know the production process, be it a foundry or printer. I have visited the location, spoken with the staff, and am confident in their knowledge and abilities.

[If relevant] I use the highest quality foundry that I can afford.

There are no cracks or leaking walls in my storage space. My studio is well sealed. [Mold on paintings and fiber (paper) is almost impossible to get rid of!

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1 thought on “Treat your art like it belongs in a museum [part 1]”

  1. I completely agree with treating one’s art as if will be in the museum. Use archival materials and don’t frame what you wish wouldn’t show up at the museum. I wonder, though, if the museum serving the public isn’t very close to serving the artist. It seems to me that the artist wants his art to be collected, preserved and shown. I am particularly interested in the changes at some museums from a target mission of collecting/archiving to one of the traveling show. I know of one that sold off collections of local art in order to afford participation in traveling exhibits. Opinions?

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