Break from our sponsor: Red Fox Kits

I just can't resist. These fox kits play outside of my office window and are absolutely a blast to watch. They're so kitten-like, which is I suppose why they're called "kits." There are actually three in the den, but I can only get two on video at a time.


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2 thoughts on “Break from our sponsor: Red Fox Kits”

  1. Too cute!! You will enjoy watching them grow and develop hunting prowess. I can’t help but remember the trio of young crows that “killed” the gaskets in all of our sliding screens.

  2. Lynnda Tenpenny

    OH GOSH — just too cute ! I can’t get any work done for the hummingbirds, woodpeckers, squirrels, chipmonks and rabbits. Good thing I don’t have fox kits. (and I can’t imagine what our indoor kitties would think.)

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