Problems with email deliveries

(I wrote this for Comcast subscribers, but it looks like it's also happening with BellSouth and Telus. Who knows how many others? If you're not getting my newsletter, please comment below and leave your provider.)

Just a quick note to my 500 Comcast newsletter subscribers. I have no other way to get a hold of you and wanted you to know that Comcast is blocking all of my email. I'm having my email system work on it, but that's all I can do. Anything you can do to raise a stink would be much appreciated.

If it helps, I use or (same company) for delivery of my newsletters and classes. It's a double opt-in system, which means everyone on my list has to approve their subscription.

Thanks for your understanding

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7 thoughts on “Problems with email deliveries”

  1. I’ve heard other people having this same problem. Comcast seems to be getting over-eager in their spam fighting methods latesly, and is blacklisting many reputable webhosts. Hope this gets resolved for you soon!

  2. Alyson, I use Cox and have been a newsletter subscriber since 2005. Lately, no newsletter. When I used another email address through my website with GoDaddy — that worked for a week. I miss Mondays!

  3. Hi…I realized I haven’t received any of your e-mails in quite a while, and surfed in to find you were having difficulties with some ISPs. Mine is Time Warner / HTH and thanks, Sarah

  4. Katherine Greene

    Recently I had a big problem with comcast reading my domain email as spam and senders emails were bouncing back as errors. Contacted my domain host and he helped but it took hours to get it all straight. Now the domain email is changed to gmail. And thanks to Dan Sroka for explaining the problem and coming to the rescue!

  5. I am and have been receiving your emails, however none of the images are showing in your newsletter. This started maybe a month or so ago. My internet is through comcast, but my email is a yahoo acct.

  6. I did not receive your July 16th newsletter, I checked in the “Bulk” (spam) folder and it wasn’t there either. I use yahoo web email and a comcast cable internet connection. (I have been receiving all the rest.) Also, I haven’t been able to get artbizcoach to come up for the past several weeks, Internet Explorer just says it can’t find the site, but I’ve had no problem with artbizblog.

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