Bundling To Increase Your Income

A few weeks ago I had a sale of my audio products. I didn’t discount the products themselves. Instead, I bundled them together and added bonuses.
I’ve heard a few marketing gurus say that people are more likely to, for instance, purchase a $97 product with 10 bonuses than if that same product had been sold by itself for $27. There’s a higher perceived value in “more stuff.”
For this reason, I decided to have a bundle sale instead of a discount sale. And I can report it was a success.

Art Biz Coach Audio + Bonus Sale
An example from my bundling sale: 2 products + 3 bonuses.

Have you thought about bundle offers for your art buyers?
I can hear you right now: “But I make art. What do I have to bundle?”
Bundling isn’t for everyone! But it might be for you if you’re open to creative solutions for selling your art.

Bundle Your Art, Teaching, or Products

I realize it’s easier to bundle products than it is to bundle art, but let me offer some ideas that might get your brain buzzing. Some of these suggestions might sound hokey to you, but think of how they look to buyers, who will perceive the added value.
You might already be giving away a lot of these items as free perks to your collectors, but maybe you’re leaving money on the table. Maybe . . . ??
Bundling your art:
Artwork + Artwork (Perfect if your work looks best in groupings!)
Artwork + Framing + Shipping
Artwork + Delivery + Installation
Artwork + Print of Artwork
Artwork + Note Cards of Artwork
Artwork + Holiday Card Service to the Buyer’s List
Artwork + Membership into Collectors’ Club
Artwork + Screen Saver | Mug | Mouse Pad
Artwork + Catalog of Your Art
Artwork + Limited Reproduction Rights
Artwork + 3 Low-Resolution Digital Files
Plein-Air Artwork + Private Tour of Location + Catered Lunch
Artwork + Private Party with Other Collectors (at someone’s amazing home)
Necklace + Earrings
Earrings + Ring
8-Piece Set of Ceramic Dishes + Matching Ceramic Serving Set
If you also teach:
Online Class + E-Book
Online Class + Online Class
Class + Personal Consultation
Class + Small Artwork or Print
If you create products:
E-Book + Special Report
Hard Copy of Book + E-Book
Calendar + Journal
DVD + Transcript of DVD
Your Product + Someone Else’s Product = 2x the Promotion!

Don’t Wait To Bundle

Show bundles together on your website’s sales page or as add-ons in your online shopping cart. Post them on Facebook or stick up a sign at your event.
You don’t need a special occasion or sale to bundle your art, teaching, or products. You can start right now with what you have available.
All you need is to embrace your imagination.
What can you bundle?

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13 thoughts on “Bundling To Increase Your Income”

  1. Alyson,
    Thanks for sharing this valuable advice and it’s very timely for my artistry. In addition to my original paintings I have products (ie note cards, magnets) and services which I will begin promoting as bundles at art shows. My website is under going a “face lift” and I’ll definitely start showing bundles on it as well.
    Thanks again,
    Lucretia Coleman
    Jameri Artistry LLC

  2. When I sell a painting, the buyer receives a personalized Thank You 12 pack of note cards showing the painting image on the front and “from the collection of…(insert new owner’s name)” printed on the back along with the artist info.
    Typically they are mailed after the painting is delivered as a surprise gift for the purchaser. I have never considered offering them as a bundle on my website.
    Thanks for the inspirations.

    1. Alyson Stanfield

      Paula: This is a lovely gift to give your buyers. Then, elsewhere, you can bundle.
      Always love hearing from you.

  3. This is a wonderful strategic selling advice. The more I think about this, I actually fall for this technique all the time at the farmers market. Buy one basket of fruit for $6, but 2 baskets for $10. When isn’t more, better?
    It reminds me of one of my best collectors, after selecting several pieces (6) to purchase, asked if I could throw in some “bathroom art”. I caught his drift right away, he wanted a small little freebee to let him know I appreciated his support. We were both happy, but how much better if I had offered it up to him without his asking. It’s all about building relationships and returning customers, right?
    Thanks for the reminder and all the other low cost bundling ideas.

    1. Alyson Stanfield

      Richard: I giggled at “bathroom art.”
      Because of this, I know you will be ready next time with your bundle offer.

  4. What a great idea! There are so many ways to implement this from note cards with small paintings to custom books with large commissions. On it.

  5. You can also give a ‘couple-discount’ may be ten persent discount for anyone that buys more than on art… On my website, I offer free frame, free shipping, COA but sales is just not coming (may be they are afriad of me scaming them as a Nigerian lol)

  6. Brilliant. Thank-you. I’ve been considering having a clearance sale to get rid of some older work, show some of the newer work, encourage class sign-ups, etc. I’ll definitely be ‘bundling’!

  7. I definitely like this idea. This summer I left a small work for the owner of a studio that sponsored my workshop. I can see giving away or having a door prize of a small artwork for those signing up for my workshops.

  8. Thank you Alyson! I have my fall art show & sale is in a few weeks, so your timing is great. I have books and prints I would love to add into bundles. :~)
    Bundling reminds me of something a friend told me many years ago when we were pricing for a garage sale — “Do you want to make money or do you want X to find a new home?” I always figured it was a win-win when X left my premises with a happy new owner and I could put some money in my pocket and be relieved of X.
    Now my brain is whirling with ideas!!

  9. I have been blogging about and promoting in my workshops the MagCloud product from HP. http://www.magcloud.com. It’s the most affordable way to make a catalog for artists and photographers. Last time I checked, a 20-page catalog ordered with a minimum of 20 units was a whopping $67.00. It can be available online and customers can order hard copies if the artist chooses. You can let it go for cost, or mark it up. Plus, since it is all print-on-demand, it can be updated as often as needed. Any other catalog is obsolete before it gets printed if the artist is doing any kind of production. In advance, I will say, “You’re welcome.” 😉

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