Business Cards that Aren’t Blah

UngerJohn T. Unger has a terrific way to get the most out of your business cards.

See how (he has pictures!) he makes sure his business cards are wanted and kept by their recipients.

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5 thoughts on “Business Cards that Aren’t Blah”

  1. I’ve recently printed my own business cards, using card stock from Office Depot. I chose about 15 different photos from my website for the card, so there is a variety to choose. I can often give the card that matches the photo that someone has purchased. People enjoy the cards so much that they have been known to take more than one, which I hope they then give to family and friends. Alyson, thank you for all your great advice.

  2. Lauren Perkins

    I totally agree… I have my business cards printed up as magnets with my info on one side and an image of recent work on the other, people love them and ask me for one. They go reasonably quickly from the art shop too, where my business cards never used to move at all. When I need new ones I update the image to a new work, keeps them nice and fresh for me too as I don’t like seeing my old work over and over.

  3. Personally I find that the typical options aren’t creative enough, so I use Prints Made Easy to create my own. They let you upload your own background and design the card exactly how you want it, so it’s ideal for me.

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