Organizing Files with a Label Machine

I recently posted this information to my Setting Up Your Art Business class and thought others might find it helpful–along wtih the photos I just took to explain.P1010017

I confess that a label machine is quite anal, but I would never do without one again. I only started using them a year or so ago after reading David Allen's book, Getting Things Done, and I agree with him: It makes me enjoy looking in my file drawer. Everything is so handsome! So well organized. It's kind of like putting on a new outfit, where your posture just straightens up and you hold your head higher.

Okay, perhaps that's a little dramatic, but it's kinda true.

I own a battery-operated label maker (I use rechargeable batteries!). It's a Brother PT-65 and was about $40, I believe. But, hey, just
found it on Amazon for $29.99.

The label tape itself is not inexpensive, but my files and I are worth it.

I am no expert on label machines as this is the only one I've ever had, but I do think it should be easy to pick up and use in an instant because I'm constantly making new files. If I had to print from my computer each time, I'd never get around to it.

As for other tasks, I have also used the label maker for my storage boxes. The possibilites are endless.

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3 thoughts on “Organizing Files with a Label Machine”

  1. Oh I couldn’t agree more on this one! I just bought a label maker last week (Dymo on clearance at Target for $13) and I’m already in love! I wanted to label some of my new storage containers to make sure I put things back where they belong and now that I’ve started I can’t stop! I’m labeling everything and I feel so happy when I see that little machine spit out my perfect little label. Who knew! ~Pam

  2. I am a professional organizer in New York City, and use my labeler daily for clients. I find most clients enjoy the clarity of a printed label and they are not anal at all!!! I personally like the Dymo Label Manager 150, which retails for about $40. The label tape does not curl during application on longer labels, and there is a small margin on either side of the word printed, wasting less label tape. Their service and support is great also. FYI-Ilene

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